September 25th, 2007

[Stock] Heart

Mercy's Birthday Part II

*is more or less dead-ish*

This morning our office had a mini-crisis when our co-worker called in sick and I had to take her place. Then it became a full this-is-so-going-to-kill-my-day crisis when half of our files just weren't there.

I've been at the office from 7am till 5pm. I want a vacation. And hugs. *pouts*

But then I found a beautiful bday card from jr_moon, a wonderful bundle of virtual gifts from meganlynn09, a sparkling virtual diamond from rasmizar and the most loveable e-card from sireesanwar. Awww, thank you so much, guys! ^^

Jill, I totally forgive you: The e-card made more than up for it. *gigglefits* The little green guy is the love. *huggles you two*

And (since LJ doesn't let me answer all comments right now... O_o), I'm gonna grouphug and shower you all with so many kisses for all the awesome birthday wishes via this entry! It was truely the most wonderful and loveliest birthday I had in a very long time. :) I've never feeled more loved. ♥

*squishes randomly*

Things you don't want to find in a closet: Don Johnson's CD Heart Beat... OMG, he sang? *flails*