August 25th, 2007

[Misc] Moonlight



End of the week! Two days of doing nothing! OR coding and surfing the net. ^^

That's what I did and plan on doing. Thursday I saw the new Heroes trailer and completely flailed out. Though I missed more action between certain characters but that didn't stop me from making 14(!) headers (the pairing ones are all manips by yours truely. *grins*) and going code-wild on the layout. *bzzz*

But now it's all finished and posted over at street_of_mercy. *feels slightly dead-ish*

[Sneak Peak]

On the other hand, my first week of being 8 hours (I have a 40-hours-week... Ô_o) in the office of our facility/building management company, is over. It was fun though one day was really icky, when the men were in dumb-land.

Thanks to all who gave me hugs, love and virtual cookies that day! *squishes* I haven't had the time to answer comments yet. *meep* I'm anyway so waaaay behind with LJ...

Oh, look, mega!cookies... :D

*luffs her flist* *hypers out*