July 29th, 2007

[Stock] Heart

Rec | Fanfiction #001

So, this is the first time I'm recommending fanfics. Go me. :D

After a marathon of The Invisible Man, I hunted the net for stories featuring Darien/Claire. Unfortunately there aren't many. *sighs*

-> Loved and very recommended

Story: A Kiss Is Just A Kiss: Surprises by Pixie | [PG-13]
Darien finds out some stuff he didn't find out during 'Brother's Keeper'. Spoilers for 'Brother's Keeper'.

Story: Adventures in Keeping by liz012014 | [PG-13]
In the Agency, every day is an adventure...

Story: The B-Series by A. J. | [R-ish]
Break - Darien Fawkes' life gets just that much harder after the events in "Brother's Keeper"
Bleed - Dreams suck. ("Father Figure" tag.)
Burn - Claire learns a lot about herself and Darien after "Three Phases of Claire".
Blame - Sometimes, goodbyes aren't always wanted. (Second season finale insert.)

Story: Catwalk by Pipsqueak | [NC-17]
The infamous shipyard scene from TPoC from QSM Darien's POV

Story: Coming Clean by Carol M. | [PG-13]
While taking care of a sick Darien, Claire confesses what happened between her and Kevin during Brother's Keeper

Story: Coming Clean 2 by Carol M. | [PG-13]
Sequel to Coming Clean. So how does Claire's night of sleeping with Darien turn out?

Story: Improv: Cupcake by CritterKeeper | [PG]
A cute, fluffy piece of cake. :D

Story: Had To... by dafnap | [R]
Darien does something that he can't take back...

Story: Half An Hour by CritterKeeper | [PG-13]
First person from The Keeper's point of view. Short.

Story: Horseshoes and Hand Grenades by CritterKeeper | [R]
Darien comes to Claire badly in need of counteragent, and it takes just a little too long to get it to him...

Story: If Only by liz012014 | [PG-13]
Claire mysteriously disappears and leaves her friends wondering...

Story: Insights: Germ Theory by CritterKeeper | [PG]
A collection of stories and scenes which give insight into particular episodes.

Story: Keepin' My Keeper by Carol M. | [PG-13]
What do you do when your Keeper shows up drunk at your door in the middle of the night? Darien's about to find out.

Story: Night Visitor by Mnemosyne | [R]
Darien pays a visit to the Keeper, post-"The Other Invisible Man." That pesky pineal gland is acting up again!

Story: Once Upon a Winter's Night by Maypixie | [PG]
Darien asks Claire to the agency's holiday party. Basically an excuse to have Darien/Claire sap with a holiday theme. Written October 2000, set in the first season.

Story: Rain by The Mad Fangirl | [PG]
Not much plot to speak of. Just a short little character piece that came to me while listening to Sting's "Desert Rose."

Story: Red Eyes by chopsticks | [R]
“I got a question. What if we both end up with redeye at the same time?” —Darien “Germ Theory”

Story: Reprisal by rozene | [PG-13]
A former lover of Claire's comes back into her life-making Darien realize there is more to Claire than meets the eye. AU fic and hints to D/C.

Story: Rush by sangga | [R]
Reposted - complete. "Sauntering, by clinical definition, is an aimless wandering without direction..." Counteragent shenanigans - C/D slant

Story: Screw The Wise Man by dafnap | [R]
Understanding dawns for Darien as he realizes what happened during the end of Brother's Keeper.

Story: The Rainy Night by moonrazer | [PG]
Claire goes to Darien's apartment to give him the quicksilver antidote and the weather turns nasty.

Story: The Words to Say by Maypixie | [PG]
A telephone conversation between Darien and Claire. Shippy overtones.

Story: What's In A Name? by acrophobic | [PG]
Will we ever know the Keep's last name? Darien's going to damn well try...

Have fun reading!