July 4th, 2007

[Misc] Moonlight

Earth 2 Music Video - Danziger/Devon

I listened to this song yesterday for the first time and thought instantly of Devon/Danziger :) It's been some time since I made a vid but I hope you'll still like it. It's zipped and in .wmv - if you want an .avi-version I can upload one.

Title: Into The Dark
Song: by Melissa Etheridge
Size: 23 mb
Summary: There's a place Danziger and Devon will go... together into the dark...
Spoiler: Season One
Download - Right-click

Enjoy :D A complete list of all my music videos is posted here.

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And, OMG, it's my 35th vid! Nearly two years to the date since I made my very first! *bounce* Woohoo!