June 24th, 2007

[Misc] Gummy Bears

I rule.

I just managed to kill our TV with a sunflower seed. It wasn't even really my fault.


Mom and I have a seed war going on and I was aiming at her but somehow the sunflower seed bounced off the table and hit the TV.

It went all black and now we get only part-time noise... *meep*

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[Misc] P!nk

I rule. Definitely!

Third time's a charm. And I rule. The TV is working again! *w00t*

The sunflower seed has been eliminated and all other possible treats were removed from a ten meters radius (which makes it now difficult to watch and eat at the same time... hmmm...)

Laser weapons were installed to shoot flying evilness and move detectors will shake everything on the floor...

Cookies anyone?

What? No, I'm not high. Honestly. Don't look at me like that. *shakes fisty*

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    Pink - U & Ur Hand (BeatCult Remix)
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