July 28th, 2006

[Misc] Moonlight

Stargate me!

My Quiz by tjh102
Show TitleStargate: Revelations
Main CharacterRodney McKay
Main EnemyFifth
Ship PairingJohn/Elizabeth
PremiseFive Hundred years in the future, a team of military explorers discover Cameron Mitchell preserved in cryogenic stasis. They leave him that way.
Popularity: 66%
Number of Seasons9
Biggest Fandyoselin
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Snagged from tipsywitch (who got as a ship Beckett/Ancient Chair Ô_o)

Ha! My OTP rulz. Poor Cameron *cuddles him*

Oh and billy_red_ocean, you want to watch SGA tomorrow again? I'm online from 8am on (I hope ^-^) The running comments on Yahoo were so much fun ;)

All others: Get LJ Talk! Instructions can be found at this LJ post

OT: My sisters are evil. They are going to drag me to town later. To get girly stuff *flails* At least they warned me *headdesk*
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[Misc] Moonlight

*giggle fits*

Just came back from the looong shopping trip with my sisters and the second I was through the door, my mom was like 'OMG watch this!'

*falls from couch*
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