June 19th, 2006

[Misc] Moonlight


The most annoying words on a tv show? The words that make you scream, trash, throw tantrums? The ones that turn a harmless fan into a crazy, teeth-baring obsessed fan? Three little words that make the next six months look like six years? That make you beg for every tiny bit of information? That make you headdeskfloorwalldoor like woah?

To Be Continued...

Yup, three little words but they are the worst ones!
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[Misc] Moonlight


I'm a bad host *hangs head* I completely forgot to welcome all the new friends I made recently. The cute ones, the crazy ones, the addicted ones, the obsessed ones, the die-hard ones, the squee ones... ^-^

Thank you for being brave and stepping into my life *hides skeletons in closet* Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the show
Cookies are on your right and drinks under the couch (pssst, don't tell my mum!). May the force be with you *nods*

Ehm, I know I haven't commented alot these last days but a) LJ doesn't send me email notifications (Ô_o) and b) RL is a bitch (>_<). I assure you that I read my flist but it's getting a tiny bit difficult to keep up with the mass of posts *blinks* I was at skip 450... after only two days of not reading my flist. What are you all doing? *squints* you aren't living in the internet, are you?

Ahem, not that I mind *beams* I love you for spammingposting *tackle hugs flist* ♥

PS the Drabble-Matic got a life of its own...
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