February 27th, 2006

[Misc] Moonlight

Stargate and Andromeda Icons

I have definitely too much free time on my hand (although somehow it doesn't look like it...) because silverspidertm2 and I are die-hard Beka/Rhade (Andromeda) shippers *happy sigh*
That's why I officailly pimp beka_rhade *smiles* and already made icons. There are also Sam Carter icons for sg_100 (late, very late. I know *hides*)

[16 Sam Carter]
[10 Beka/Rhade]

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[Misc] Moonlight

Okay, we are still Sparky shippers *nod*

My sister and I are not Liz/Ronon shippers. We are just taking a short holiday to that shipper-island because we want Lizzie to have some action (John whored enough for three) and we like hot, primal guys *nods*

And after two very hot (OMG they had sex!) videos and lost of really good smut and non-smut fiction, we stick our tongue out at John cause now he sees what it means if your cutie bats her lashes at other guys *HA!*

And btw, Liz and Ronon are kinda hot together... *are off to giggle and blush*

PS to make it clear that we are still Sparky shippers, we will make a vid for them *pinky promise*
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