January 22nd, 2006

[Misc] Moonlight

This Saturday rocked

Is it already Sunday? Phew, totally missed that *Ô.o* I'm still awake and that for over 24 hours now. Funny, now that I mention it, I'm starting to see my warm and comfy bed in a new light...

I had a fantastic day, got up at 5am and decided to do a little warm up before our monthly 'Girls vs. Boys Ass Kicking Martial Arts Tournament'. Last month was cancelled cause the boys chickened out (half of them was sick. From fear *evil smirk*) This time we girls sooooooo kicked their asses. Ok, we knocked four guys out and they two of us but hey, we won! I'm feeling all the muscles I have *whoopie*

Don't think we hurt each other, no, no, it's more like working out your frustations and it's a fabulous workout (esp if you can kick the fine ass of your enemy...) I'm literally bouncing from all the energy. Like my sisters. Still awake like me and singing 'We will rock you' *grins*

Oh and I found lots of things for my new ship, Apollo/Starbuck *happy sigh* LJ for eps-download, screencaps and all that stuff. Asked a friend if he was willingly to trade the first season for a PS2 game. Said yes *yay*

So, gonna knock out myself now. Two hours of sleep and I'm fit again. See ya *hyper waving at flist*

I'm sorry if this post sounds a little wacko but I'm always so... jumpy after this tournament *looks sheepish* Hopefully sleeping will calm me down >.
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