January 7th, 2006

[Misc] Moonlight

Icons - SG1 and SGA

The last week was a bumbride, I swear. Making icons was the only thing that kept me sane ^-^ Especially after seeing TLG *squee* I found some nifty tutorials (all can be found in my memories) and mixed them up with my own ways of making icons and voilà: 53 icons ;D

[20 SG1 with Sam/Jack]
[33 SGA with Elizabeth/John]

Spoiler for SG1: Most of them are from Season 4
Spoiler for SGA: Most from TLG

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[Misc] Moonlight

Name squieshing (SGA)

kawaiix and myself had a conversation about 'Why is Sparky called Sparky?' and the other squieshed names, like McShep and Sheyla popped up as well.

I have nothing against Sheyla but, ehm, guys, you should try another name cause, uhm, just google it *nearly fell off her chair as she saw it*

That's why I will stick to my Sparky. No matter what certain actors say *pokes him in the eye* I bet TPTB just want to mess with us >.<

*is off to watch TLG again*
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