December 29th, 2005

[Misc] Moonlight

My X-Mas

*hides* I know it's very late but I really wnat to thank all those who made my Christmas the best I ever had! With gifts, cards, hugs and love ^-^ (Ignore the girl in the pic *hides*)

Beware!!! Lots of pictures! Not very dial-up friendly, sorry!

From the Great Evil One nessaja82:

1) Very, very yummy chocolate and Collapse )
2) A supermegacute Collapse )
and five red stars made from glass. You can see three of them at the bottom of the teddy pic ;D (I was looking for these for years!!!!!)
3) A cute keep-me-warm star you put in hot water and then after some minutes take it out and ta da, it keeps you warm ;D
4) Two CDs with lots lots of mp3 *giggle*
5) The best Collapse )
It has my favourite ships on it and OMG *tackle hugs nessaja82* it's awsome and fantastic and squeeee ♥

From the uber-talented ankareeda (OMG, girl you so rock!!!)
1) Chocolate *wheee*
2) Two fantastic books. The English one is my favourite *grins*
4) Two programms *loves you*
5) The best Collapse )
with Collapse )
I can put on the right bottom of the shirt! I ♥ it, sweety!
Oh and dana_cz: See what I'm wearing on my right wrist? *grins*

From lorettakay I got two very romantic and very funny novels *giggle* and chocolate biscuits *bounce* and from vickysg1 two shipper CDs (one Sparky and one Sam/Jack ^-^) with fantastic songs.

And today *glares at mail* four awsome Chritmas cards:
astrum_presul *snuggles*, seramercury *huggles*, mmontage *squeezy* and lightz474
*tackle hugs*
The cards are so beautiful and they brought snow with them, guys! Love you all so much ♥
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[Misc] Moonlight

Icon - Sparky

I blame this one on dana_cz! We had this Shag teh Shep conversation, then she wrote this fantastic drabble, showed me the look Liz shoots John in 'Epiphany' and wrote this smexy line. The result of all this? This icon. Enjoy!

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