December 17th, 2005

[Misc] Moonlight

Another wave of X-Mas cards and gifts ^-^ (and homework...)

OMG it snowed again! raylion, you were right with your assumption *tackle hug* and I got a wondeful Christmas card from trialia *snuggles* and one beautiful X-Mas card from georgierae *cuddles* Such beautiful cards *loves* Thank you two ♥

And I got an X-Mas present from valeria_sg_1 *tackle hug* I didn't open it *swears* thank you, sweety ♥

♥ you all ^-^

On the other hand: My sister and I are still learning for her math test on Monday. She knows it since last week but was too lazy to learn for it. Now I have to help her *headbang* Calculation of percentage and calculation of interest (I think these are the English terms). It's a looong time ago I had to work my way through this... (my eyes look this: %.%)

See ya, guys (if I'm still alife after getting hit by calculations)
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