December 15th, 2005

[Misc] Moonlight

Awwww... X-Mas presents ^-^

It's raining. Not snowing but raining *headdesk* I want my snow back *pout* the only fantastic thing about this day are the great gifts/cards I got from my lj friends:

1) the very beautiful card from billy_red_ocean *tackle hug* (you are so talented, hon ^-^)
2) the wondeful Peace-on-Earth card from atomicpagan *huggles*
3) the Amanda-DVD (OMG) from xfairy1013 that totally rocks *snuggles*
4) the very mysterious X-Mas present from astrum_presul *shakes it* it looks like a book and sounds like one... another x-file I have to solve... *massive hug attack* ^-^

♥ Thank you all ♥ you made my day :) ♥
[Misc] Moonlight

Vidding (with you sister)

I swear, I will never again show my sister how to make vids. Especially Sparky vids. Damn, looks like it's too late *headdesk* the vid we/I (whoever) is making is so weird. My sis found the speed-option. I'm gonna kill myself cause it looks way too funny when Sparky is moving faster than normal. And the Wraith Queen *giggle fit* The vid makes no sense at all *headbang*

*tackles sister* I will blame it on you!
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