December 11th, 2005

[Misc] Moonlight

My weekend so far...

Yesterday my sisters and I were at the flea market around the corner. It's evry second Saturday and almost everyone of those who live in this part of our town is there. We have bands (good ones and some that absolutely can't sing *grins*) and yummy food (warm self-made cakes and muffins and and and...).

Oh and of course so many things people want to sell. We decided to sell some really old stuff: like Barbie (>.<), dolls (from my sister), Gameboy games, kids books and some things my mom didn't want anymore. On the other hand my sisters finally found the mangas they always wanted and I found the cool 'The Fifth Element' soundtrack, three mangas (love those who have more than one volume *giggle*), a record player with USB port for my mom's old records and some books ^-^

Although it wasn't very warm we had lots of fun. Especially as that guy nearly set himself on fire. Suddenly on his shoulder was this cute little flame (looked like a dancing devil) and the woman next to him smacked on the flame. You should have seen his face as she did it. He was so trying to not whimper.

Weekends are the best thing ever :)

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