November 30th, 2005

[Misc] Moonlight

Yay and OMG

The stickies brought to me a new friend: eirenealetheia. Stick yourself a home and enjoy the ride *grins* Stickies rulz!


OMG I've won a mp3 player *thud* you know these things at the mall where you answer some questions and then they tell you that maybe you will win something cool? Well, I did take part and ta da: I've won *squeee* a nice shiny black Sony mp3. At least it's working ^-^

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90 / 1,000
[Misc] Moonlight

Icons (SGA)

Well, the last three days I made some icons. I played a little with the tutorials I found *grins*
A/N in #12: 'withe' is an very (very) old form of 'with'. I used it cause John is aboard this old Ancient ship and I thought it would fit. So no typo, ok? ^-^

[11 Elizabeth/John]
[3 John]
[3 Elizabeth]
[6 Teyla/Ronon]
[1 Ronon]
[1 Teyla]
[2 Gate]
[2 Atlantis]
[1 funny one]

~ see one you like? Take but comment and give credit. Thanks ^-^ ~ Credits for the brushes are in my user info ~

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