November 17th, 2005

[Misc] Moonlight


Just like all the other headers I made this one was also inspired by the very talented riekchen *snuggle*
The end result (the Photo Album/Yearbook look alike) is all my fault ^-^

This one is for claudiasharon. NO snagging except for your desktop :D

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[Misc] Moonlight

Sparky Secret Santa

Ooookay, you Sparky shippers (and all the shippers in general). trialia had this great idea. So go and take a look at this post *points at her force* not that I'm forcing you or anythimg... ^-^
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[Misc] Moonlight

X-Files Advent Calendar

I saw the link on riekchen's post and curiousity did not kill me *grins* but made me take part in this tradition ^-^
I'm totally new to this but I'll do my best to help those who had this great idea!

Image hosted by

Sooo, be a nice friend and take a look at the site. You don't have to make collages but I know some of you are very good at icon-making and therefore, join the X-Mas spirit *loves you*
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