November 6th, 2005

[Misc] Moonlight

Sam/Jack fanmix No 2

Oookay, I made this fanmix cause 1) I'm sick (got fever and have to stay in bed tomorrow) and 2) I was bored (because of 1)). Had nothing else to do except trying to tell my mom that I'm ok despite being my own heater *headdesk* but enough sulking:

Second fanmix (for nessaja82 cause you know why *snuggles carefully*) and usual rules apply: Please Right-Click and then Save Target As Thanks *hugs*

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All fanmixes can be found at my website
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[Misc] Moonlight

Two wonderful new friends

I'd like to welcome two new friends on the journey through what we call life *grins*

The very talented catzen20 who makes fantastic Liz/John (SGA) wallpaper (they are so shippy!!!) *huggles* and the muffin- and John Sheppard-addicted skroberts with whom I share this muffin (esp chocolate muffins ^-^) addiction *snuggles* and lorettakay who shares my Stargate love and nessaja82.

May the force be with you *giggles*
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