September 8th, 2005

[Misc] Moonlight

Music, Friends and Homework *sigh*

*looks at her pc* Ok, currently I'm converting all my music-files to mp3 (yes, some people still have wma/wav) and it looks good ;D Just takes a lot of time...

I updated ej_daily, tr_daily and mj_daily (shameless pimping, I know *grins*). I totally forget that John has some cute expression in 'The Defiant One' although the story in general is very sad. Monica plays rough with John D. in a desert. Telya and Ronon tell us again "We're just friends". Yeah, sure and I'm Queen Mum *looks pointly*

And I'd like to welcome its_magic_3 to my f'list *huggles* We already had quite a wild chat ^-^ Go and check out her great Fanfiction LJ!

My sisters are still doing their homework and asking me every five minutes something about English, Mathematics or History. And I suck at History. All I know is that there was a revolution... Ô.o Mathematics and English are ok although I get the feeling they are making fun of me... have to be careful ^-^

So, see you all later or earlier or whatever *grins* ♥ to my f'list!

P.S. I've added a link to my songpage in my LJ (for friends only) ;D