August 25th, 2005

[Misc] Moonlight

Pimping although it's more like a recommandation...

I joind five/six(?) days ago this really, really cool screencaps community: cap_it. Lots of caps although Stargate could use some capping ;) Take a look. Maybe you find some caps you always wanted (I found the one from the angsy dance-promo of Lost)

Watched 'The Pacifier': Hot Vin *drools* This movie is just too fun *giggle* I need air and a place without girly girls *sigh*

P.S. I love the duck!!!
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[Misc] Moonlight

Turorial Piming

Ladies and Gentleman, LJ friends and LJ users, girls and boys and blahblahblah,

"I welcome you" blahblahblah "one of my best LJ friends: nessaja82 and dana_cz" blahblahblah "for the stupid-me" blahblahbalh "the greatest icon-tutorials in the world."

In other words: Their tutorials finally made me understand the magic of PSP ^-^

I both ♥ you for doing this! I had some problems with the translation but nessaja82 made for me the Greman-version of her tutorial (I really, really love you for it) <3

Icon Tutorial of nessaja82

Icon Tutorial of dana_cz
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[Misc] Moonlight


Uhoh... oops? *crash*

Edit: Ok, sorry that I gave you such s shock *looks sheepish* but just as I was about to post some babbling our book-shelfs eh, came down. My sisters wanted one book but got our whole library *sigh*
Took us two hours to get it all back. Everything is fine now *smiles but needs some rest*
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