August 17th, 2005

[Misc] Moonlight

One good and one bad news...

I'll start with the good one: I finally got my acceptance letter from my university. The last 6/7 months I went to 'training sessions' that were held at my university cause I had to wait (the Germans will know what I mean when I say ZVS!!!). So I know what's going on in the life of a student ;) 17.10.05 is the day I have my first course *grins*

Now the bad one: I got the results of my doctor. She examined me yesterday and I knew that I didn't look good *sigh* My coughing was so bad that it damaged my vocal chords a lot more than we originally thought. The damn virus wasn't as harmless as my doctor told me. I have to drink every morning and evening some viscous fluid that is supposed to heal the damage. My voice will be gone for at least two more weeks. If I'm lucky. Drinking is the only opportunity for me to 'eat' cause my throat and vocal chords are so raw.
My family is very helpful and I love them for it. In every room is a notepad and pen ;)

I'm off to make some shippy things to distract myself:

Have you seen the pics of 'Conversion'? Collapse )

Love you all (and your voices ^-^)

And ohshocking: If you think it's too much with the community I could be the maintainer and you co-moderater. This way you wouldn't have too much updating to do ;)
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