August 15th, 2005

[Misc] Moonlight

Shweir is chocolove. YAY!!!

My mom and I were backing yesterday while watching Stargate Atlantis. She asked me lots of questions about our favourite pair and LJ and when she saw this is love-banner she had a great idea.
This is the result ;)

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[Misc] Moonlight

Videos, videos, videos

I made three shipper vids:

This one is a Sam/Jack video, dealing with the words they didn't say ---> A Thousand Words

A Elizabeth/John video, gives an insight in the depth of their feelings ---> Truly Madly Deeply

The Monica/John video shows us the bond they share ---> Crash and Burn

If they do NOT work go to my site and click on the title of the vids. Then it should start playing ---> Clicky clack
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    A Thousand Words