July 6th, 2005

[Misc] Moonlight

Stargate Wallpaper

Also I'm still chained to my bed *grr*, I had to make a wallpaper. I would have gone crazy if I didn't. Used the beautiful brushes and texture from riekchen ^-^

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And I'm not sure if I heard it right but a friend of mine said he saw on a French site comics of SGA! I'll try to find this site but it'll take some time *tick, tack*
[Misc] Moonlight

Olympic Games

YEEEEES, London will host the Olympic Games 2012!!!!!!! Have to get my tickets *runs off* Oh, and congratulations England ^-^
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All the other cities: There'll always be a next time ;D
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[Misc] Moonlight

ShepWeir vid

Wheee, being sick makes you go crazy if you don't do something shippy. (It's also a big Thank You to pellucid, thanks for your little beta-reading)
Here's my new vid: Don't Let Go by Bryan Adams & Sarah McLachlan. One scene is a little jumpy around the edges but I blame it on my illness ^-^

Don't Let Go

Edit (that has not really to do with this post): Ha, my muse is back from wherever she was. Making the vid gave me new energy *runs off to write and write and write...*