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SGA - 3x12 Echoes Recap

Woah... and I mean really woah... the GREEN PILLS make an appearance! Lots of Elizabeth/John and Teyla/Ronon in thumbnails ^^

3x12 pretty much gets a 10/10 from me and not only because of the massive amount of shipping, mainly Teyla/Ronon and Elizabeth/John. Who said there was absolutely no sexual tension and feelings whatsoever between thes two? Please raise your hand so I can throw tomatoes at you. Cause Echoes? So. Much. Love.

I will indulge my passion that's my two ships ^^ Let's start with Ronon coming back from a trip with Zelenka (*luffs*) that went not as planned and now Ronon shall meditate with Teyla. Right. Works perfectly.
He's asleep and snores and Teyla is not amused. But oh come on, he looks so cute... *pokes* After their session, Teyla sees a lady walk though the halls, speaking like you pushed fast forward. And the she's gone. Puff. Teyla is not amused.

Credits. Elizabeth tried to escape Rodney (you see her look? Totally doomed ^^) but had no luck and they talk about the Zet Pee Ems they can't keep but want to and it all sucks in Rodney's opinion. Cut to two very pretty people sparring. It's the cover name for making-out-and-foreplay.

Teyla' so kicking Ronon's pretty behind. With sticks and head and foot. Looks pretty smug ^^ Ronon is totally smitten cause his girl rocks his sticks! He so wants to jump her *nods*

After their session, they walk through the hallways and Teyla sees the lady again. Yikes. This time, there's a burned man as well and that scares Teyla like woah. Thank god for Ronon who holds her *awww* and soothes her.

Ronon brings her to Carson but he can't find anything. Ronon looks very worried and Teyla tries to find a rational explanation. Ronon is for the option that Teyla meditates too much. Ha ha *joinks* At least he tries to make Teyla feel better.

Cut to Elizabeth and John talking about Teyla.

And get promptly interrupted by Rodney! He has really the worst timing ever. He proudly presents them his animal-that's-whale-like friend 'Sam'... Ô_o Anyone else having a giggle fit at that point? Yeah. me, too. See in the last two pics their twin expression? Way too cute ^^

Rodney shows them why he knows that his 'Sam' is a he and therefore can have that name. Gotta love their expressions ♥ Elizabeth allows him to do whatever he wants to do with that whale. And John thinks about making Elizabeth at nice whale steak. Rodney is so not amused.

At night, Teyla is about to go to sleep when she hears that lady again and this time Teyla experiences a headache at the size of 'Lantis. Ouch. She talks with Dr. Kate and Dr. Kate talks with Elizabeth but they can't really come up with an explanation.

Elizabeth is walking through 'Lantis, opens a door and that burned man stumbles out. Yikes. Now she and Teyla talk to Dr. Kate. She suspects it's more the power of suggestion and the fact that our two girls didn't had a day off in a very long time. Ooops.

Rodney is monitoring 'Sam' and found out that the whale isn't alone. John takes off to take a closer look. Wheee ^^ In the meantime Carson gives our girls sleeping pills. They are orange.

John and Rodney have their little trip, get whaled by lots of whales and get their eardrums killed. Ouch. They can't hear and talk super-loud. Kinda funny ^^

Zelenka found out that the whales are coming to 'Lantis and Elizabeth tells him to the shield. Teyla thinks the ghosts they see want to warn them about the whales.

Rodney, still not hearing very good (which John takes advantage of very evilly...) found a lab and wants to check it. Elizabeth checks on Carson and his patients. And he gives her GRENN PILLS!!! *iz ded* He says they are pain killers but we all know better ^-^ John and Rodney leave the infirmary to visit the lab.

Teyla carefully goes through the hallways and again she sees the lady, the burned man and two other ancients. The pain is unbearable and she falls to the floor. Suddenly Ronon is there and helps her up. Sgueee! Where did he come from? Did he follow her? I bet he did, he wants his girl to be safe *nods*

John and Rodney found the lab, Elizabeth talks to Colonel X-Files and then Elizabeth visits John in the laplab. Rodney found out that the Ancients were researching the language of the whales, tried to communicate with them and were quite good at it. Apparently the whales use the 'ghosts' to warn our pretty people about something bad.

Teyla is in the infirmary and just as Carson keeps seeing the ghosts. Elizabeth comes up and Carson wants to beam Teyla to the Daedalus but she wants to stay. She sees again the burned man and this time notices that he's a pilot. Suddenly Carson's nose begins to bleed. Yikes.

Elizabeth visits John and Rodney who finally found out what the whales try to tell them. Apparently the Ancients taught the whales how to communicate via telepathy and that's what our pretty people experience. The images they see are reruns of an terrible incident that happened while the Ancients taught the whales. Rodney does his magic and voila: Elizabeth understands some words. Like Adaris.

In the Control Room, Zelenka keeps an eye on the whales who arrived. Lots of them. Meep. Elizabeth talks with Colonel X-Files as John and Rodney come up. They found out that the Adaris is a science vessel (some 15.000 years ago) that was hit by a radiation blast by the sun. And unfortunately, this blast is happening again. Like right now. That sucks.

In the infirmary, Ronon visits a very ill looking Teyla and looks like a lost puppy. Poor Ronon. He tells her to hold on, to fight (so they can have lots of sex meditations lessons) and he touches her chin.

Teyla tells him he's hopeless and Ronon agrees as he takes her hand. Awww *loves* But without a warning, Telya fells unconcious! Ronon freaks out like woah. It's so obvious that he really likes Teyla *nods*

In the Control Room, our pretty people try to find a way to save 'Lantis and the planet. They can't use the shield cause they have only one ZPM and that's not enough.

John looks at Elizabeth and at that moment she collapses. Meep! Thank god for John being there to save her head from hitting the floor.

Cut to John carrying Elizabeth (into their bedroom) into the infirmary. Look where his left hand is and why is Elizabeth grasping his shoulder? Hmm... John's worried for Elizabeth and scared to no end as he sees the first dead person. Yikes!

Now both, John and Ronon, worry about their women and need to find a solution like right now!!! John does even if it's a very dangerous and probably deadly one: He wants to use the ZPM to give the Daedalus a better shield and extra bust so that the Daedalus can deflect the burst away from the planet. Great idea. And it works! *woohoo*

Back in 'Lantis, Zelenka, John and Elizabeth watch the whales leave Atlantis. John mumbles something about 'so much for a thank you' and Elizabeth yells back 'No, thank you!'. The whole eardrums-killed-thing *lol* John's look tells me he plans to use that to his advantages... *wheee*

Teyla is meditating again as Ronon comes in. He kneels next to her and watches her closely *happy sigh* He totally eye-sexes her as she turns to him. Teyla is about to go back to her meditating but Ronon won't let her and wants to join her. Teyla uses her finger of doom to tell him that he falls one more time asleep...

Ronon fetches on of the wood swords and tells her to hit him if he does. (Anyone else getting the reference to Spanky? He could've said spank me if I fell asleep ^^) Teyla so loves that idea and Ronon takes his place next to her. So much eye-sexing in that scene... *thud*

Last scene of John and Rodney saying goodbye to 'Sam'.

Ta da! *hugs flist*

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