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Yee-haa (or something like that ^-^)

Sooo, we had a busy week. My sisters wrote each one two tests and did quite well on them *yay* Then today, I was just powering up my laptop and started talking to billy_red_ocean, when they kidnapped and went shopping with me *is floored* I tried to tell them that I had really important things to do (like fangirling) but my voice is still a little roughed because of my cold and I didn't stand a chance against the Devil Duo *headdesk*

Therefore, little Mercy was dragged into town and shopped together with her sisters alot *grins* Lots of Christmas stuff and cards, DVDs, books and mangas. At that point nessaja82 sent me a message but my cell phone was taken hostage by Mona. Her exact words were: "Now is sister time. Your friends have to wait *nods*" Ehhh, okay... Ô.o

We got the Ice Age 2 DVD and decided to make a movie evening with popcorn and gummy bears. OMG, the movie is so cool *giggle fits* The opossums rocked (seriously, their 'peace' and 'I am watching you' moves were just awesome!) and of course Ellie is so love ♥

And I feel so happy right now and therefore just want to say: I love you, guys *hugs flist* You rock ^-^

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