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SGA Crack!Vid

I don't think this needs any explanation... right?

Title: Hermiod's Secret Weekend Special
Song: Hey Ya! by Outkast
Size: 29.8 mb
Summary: The pretty girls of Atlantis had a wild time this weekend...
Paring: Lots of them (Elizabeth/John, Teyla/John, Elizabeth/Ronon, Teyla/Ronon, Laura/Rodney, Laura/Carson [Laura/Carson/Rodney], Novak/Lorne and Kate/Rodney)
Spoiler: Season One to Season Three
Download - Right-click
Youtube - Click here

A/N: I am not on crack, no matter what people say *nods* I just have a very weird muse ^-^ And Hermiod is just very sneaky.

complete list of music videos

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