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09 November 2006 @ 01:00 am
Doom - John & Samantha  
Jacky was moping around the last few days (9 to be exactly. But who's counting?) and apparently it helped him to watch game movies. Weird, I know but I'm a nice sister and watched with him. Both Resident Evil movies and Doom. On loop plus other movies which names I've forgotten.
Doom got stuck with me cause somehow I missed the part where John introduced Samantha as his sister. I thought they were married up until the point where the Daddy-issue came up Ô_o And my little happy shipper bubble was gone *sigh* Still, I like their relationship and therefore made icons, wallpapers and a vid (the vid is for you, Jacky *hugs*).
John Grimm is played by Karl Urban and Samantha Grimm by Rosamund Pike.

[13 Doom icons] (John, Samantha, John & Samantha)
[6 Doom wallpapers] (John & Samantha)
[1 Doom vid feat. John & Samantha]

The wallpapers are in two sizes: One for traditional and one for widescreen.

All that can be found at my graphic journal