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Me and a SGA Fanmix

I'm having fever (around 38.4 °C/101.12 F) and feel like I've been hit by Wraith, Cylons and every other enemy that's running around in our universe *gah*

The doctor told me to stay in bed and sleep as much as possible. No problem there. I'm falling asleep anyway as soon as I see my bed *grins*

Before I'm hitting my cushions again, I made a Stargate Atlantis Fanmix for you *hugs*

01. Think I'm In Love - Album Version - Eddie Money
It surrounds me // Movin' like a sea of madness // It controls me // Makes me do all the things that I do for you

02. Rebel Yell - Billy Idol
I'd sell my soul for you babe // For money to burn with you // I'd give you all, and have none, babe

03. Only Time Will Tell - Asia
Now, sure as the sun will cross the sky // This lie is over // Lost, like the tears that used to tide me over

04. Mercy Street - Peter Gabriel
nowhere in the corridors of pale green and grey // nowhere in the suburbs // in the cold light of day

05. Lord I Want An Exit - the-low-country

06. Something Happened To Me - Desert Radio

07. Traveling On - Nathan Sheppard Band

08. Free Love - Derek James

09. Day of Reckoning - Amy Martin

10. This Time - The Crash Moderns

11. Bring on the Wonder - Susan Enan

12. Ships - Umbrellas

13. I'm Not Dead - Pink
You can do the math a thousand ways but you can't erase the facts // That others come and others go but you always come back

Galaxy Defenders - Coming Home - the .zip-file

For some of the songs I couldn't find lyrics but you can listen to the songs over at (except for #11 and #12)

Please right-click and save as! Thanks and enjoy ^-^
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