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MP3 | Torchwood (S1-S2)

Oh my, look! *points* As I promised: Torchwood for you, my dear friends. Jack sounds even hotter when you just hear him *grins*

As always, I will will convert the recent episode every week and post it here.

Grab your mp3 player or ipod or whatever you use, get the episodes and enjoy listening to Jack and Gwen fighting against all sorts of enemies ;)

The Files

- All files are in mp3.

- All files are around 40 MB / 45 MB except for the 'Theme' (161 KB).

- All files are hosted on MegaUpload.

Torchwood Theme [length: 10 seconds]
S E A S O N : O N E
S E A S O N : T W O
Torchwood 101 Everything Changes Torchwood 201 Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
Torchwood 102 Day One Torchwood 202 Sleeper
Torchwood 103 Ghost Machine Torchwood 203 To the Last Man
Torchwood 104 Cyberwoman Torchwood 204 Meat
Torchwood 105 Small Worlds Torchwood 205 Adam
Torchwood 106 Countrycide Torchwood 206 Reset
Torchwood 107 Greeks Bearing Gifts Torchwood 207 Dead Man Walking
Torchwood 108 They Keep Killing Suzi Torchwood 208 A Day in the Death
Torchwood 109 Invisible Eugene Torchwood 209 Something Borrowed
Torchwood 110 Out of Time Torchwood 210 From Out of the Rain
Torchwood 111 Combat Torchwood 211 Adrift
Torchwood 112 Captain Jack Harkness Torchwood 212 Fragments
Torchwood 113 End of Days Torchwood 213 Exit Wounds

Disclaimer: Torchwood belongs to Russell T Davies and the BBC. I am not making any money with these files. No copyright infringment intended. I simply made mp3 files from the DVDs. Please do not sue me.
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