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Weekend Report

*facepalms* I'm gone for two days and get like 80 mails. And not one is spam Ô_o Woo-hoo!

Anyway, my siblings and I (and like 20 other people) were at our Sticks and Stones weekend. For that we use the drill ground of our forces. It's a huge terrain with everything you need to 'play' *lol*

We have usual 5 to 6 team that try to take out the other teams. Your team gets sticks and ribbions in the color of your choice (blue!) and then you go hunting *grins* After you took out another team, you tie the ribbions around their head. So. Much. Fun *nods*

Except for my brother. He's an idiot *headdesk* This time he broke his wrist when Julian and he fought. He was way too tense *shakes head* Two years ago it was his ankle. Poor Jack *pats him*

In the end two team where left and we called a truce cause we were so damn hungry *sigh* I mean, we 'played' for more than twelve hours *woah*

I'm still a little too hyper for my mum's liking *bounce*

I hope my awesome flist had a wonderful weekend as well *huggles you all*

P.S. Two SGA crack!vids are coming in the next hour *biggrin*

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