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03 October 2006 @ 10:37 pm
Wheee!!! Billy the Kid (aka billy_red_ocean *grins*) is back in LJ town *clings to her letter twin* I missed you so much, hon Now you have to watch the SGA S3 episodes and BSG that starts in three days *lol* My, you've got a lot to watch ^_______^ It's so damn good to have you back!

Welcome back to our crazy family, sweety *knuddel ganz dolle*
Current Mood happy
Bill: blow sunbilly_red_ocean on October 3rd, 2006 08:58 pm (UTC)
wow, that I call a loud welcome back *bounces* but what is it with you giving me new names??? tsk tsk
Yep, a lot of catching up to do. I've already through The Return did I mention squeeeee?!
(oh, and lizzie's quarter? that's not a quarter! that's a whole damn HOUSE! *nods* and John please don't walk over your bed with your boots on, that's digusting, other people sleeping in it aka Sparky :P)..so where was I? ah, yeah, I watched 200 still laughing. gosh, it was really a present for the fans ^-^

it's good to be back *knuddel*