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Weekend Report

As of yesterday my sisters have a two weeks holiday *flails* I totally missed that Ô.o They started it with a marathon of shows and movies. Not only watching but getting spoiled as well with pictures *bounce* Which brought these observations on...

Spoilers especially for BSG Season 3 and a little bit for CSI NY Season 3.

Mercy's Ten Observations
  1. Guys with glasses are hot! I don't know what it is about them but they look just so yummy *nods* Just take a look at Danny Messer (CSI NY) and Daniel Jackson (SG1). Being a geek is in. Believe me ;)

  2. We were looking at new Season Three High-res of Battlestar Glalactica and there's Kara Thrace with the cutest baby girl ever *awwws* They really look like Mommy and daughter ^-^ (Uhm, does Katee/Kara look pregnant or is it just me O.o) I can't wait for the 6th *pokes time* Move faster!

  3. We watched S.W.A.T. for the 5th time (I think). It may not be one of the greatest movies but it got its moments ^-^ Of course Street and Sanchez are part of that *grins* Ship ahoi *headdesk*

  4. Have you ever watched you show without audio? No? Do it *nods* You will see, the characters have the most hilarious expressions and you can tell what kind of situations they are in *biggrin* Oh and make up your own lines and suddenly your OTP starts hitting on eachother while they are fighting for their lives *headeverything*

  5. Why does it need nearly-died experiences to make your OTP go all OMG! I can't live without you anymore *clings*? They start to get all thouchy and huggy and teary and kissy and and and then nothing! It's getting old, dear TPTB *eyebrows*

  6. Your OTP hugs = 2nd degree UST

  7. Your OTP kisses = 1st degree UST

  8. Your OTP sexes = Well, that would be RST and your OTP is never mentioned again. Sucks. Therefore, this should only happen in the very last episode. Like the cherry on top of the finished cake.

  9. OTPs have major problems talking about their feelings for eachother. Always gets kinda awkward and makes not only your OTPs nervous *sigh*

  10. Fandom and shipping are
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