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Song Meme

I saw this over at ladyvader2's journal *hugs* and thought I could do it. Again, by the way ^-^

List seven songs that you're into right now. No matter what genre, whether they have words or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Then tag seven other people and see what they're listening to:

1. Savin' Me - Nickelback
2. Weapon - Matthew Good Band
3. Listen To Your Heart - Roxette
4. Teardrop - Massive Atack
5. Return To Innocence - Enigma
6. Hear You Me - Jimmy Eat World
7. Smiley Faces - Gnarls Barkley

As always: Right-click and save as. And enjoy ^-^

Btw, I've made myself a new SGA layout again *pats it* Pretty people love ♥ And yes, it was my idea to call our pretty people Galaxy Defenders *biggrin*
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