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CSI New York - 3x02 Not What it Looks Like


*takes deep breath* Ooookay, let's try again: OMG the episode was shippy like woah. The M&M scenes were brilliant (of course the ending rocks *nods*), the case was cool and Mac was, well, kinda hanging around.

Danny soooo wants to buy Lindsay a necklace *iz proud of him*

Even if he needs to work on his romantic skills...

But Lindsay knows what he means *glees*

And Danny is about to jump her. In exactly 5 seconds *counts*

Stella interrupts *floors Stella*

Next scene is when they find the escape shaft and everyone says Lindsay is perfect for climbing through it *rolls eyes* Heavy M&M eye-sexing and sparks fly (cause Danny thinks about what they could do in that small space...)

Then a short intermezzo when Danny's lightbulb goes off about the glass and Lindsay thinks he looks way too cute. Very yummy.

The last minutes - shipper heaven ♥

Danny is not a happy CSI when Lindsay volunteers to go in. Nope. But Lindsay makes it clear that they have no other chance cause Don doesn't exactly look like one of the girls *coughs*

Lots and angsty eye-loving.

Lindsay goes in and gets made and Danny has only one thought: "Lindsay?" He yells again and only then Lindsay answers. And right away M&M gets the hug of the century.

I hate the whole smoke thingy *glares* Of course they had to add it >_< but at least the last scene is just so awwww *happy sigh*

This totally made my day. And now we all have to wait one week for the next one *gah*

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