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Elizabeth/John Vid

Oh my, look what the plot bunny toy made me do. No, wait, actually it was the CSI: Miami episode called 'Prey' that was aired yesterday in Germany. This song was played at the end and in no time I was plotting Sparky loving...

Title: Save Us All
Song: By Jeff Austin Black
Size: 26.9 mb
Summary: It is what's between John and Elizabeth that's going to save them all...
Paring: Elizabeth, Elizabeth/John
Spoiler: Season One - Season Three (including 3x10 The Return Part I)
Download - Right-click here
Youtube - Click here

A/N: Eeeenjoy ^-^ (I had no fancy a/n. Sorry *offers cookie*)


That reminds me: I'm gonna make another German Fan Vid (like the Verdammt Ich Will Dich one). This time with Christina Stuermer's Nie Genug... guess who's idea that was? Right, my sister's *headdesk* Why do I always give in? *whines* Will probably be a Sparky/Spanky vid.

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