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SGA 1x03 Short Review with fangirling

Another day with the internet connection playing hide and seek *sigh* Therefore I decided to watch the SGA episode. Sparky loving and Rodney loving and in general a not really short review... And please, excuse any typos. Otherwise have fun ^-^

Hide & Seek:

Kids love Liz. And Liz would love to get less heart attacks. And no, John smirking and flirting with her doesn't make it better *grins* Very nice exchange. And Liz is really green with envy *lol* Because she wants to be thrown. Against walls and then have hot Sparky sex *nods* Rodney was stoopid and got stuck with a force shild. No food for him and he can't take it off... Sparky angst when they talk about the self-destruct codes. And damn! Sparky looks like they both had a roll in the hay. Or the Atlantean version of hay. Seriously. Liz' hair is all squishy and John's is squishy anyway but a little bit squishier than normal *nods* And angsty eye-sex ♥ Macho men talk and some. Sparky light quarrels about telling Teyla about this.

Kids love John. And he sucks at story telling. And god, the scene with him and Teyla is a little bit awkward. Game time! Sparky eye-sexes and talk-sexes. Flirting like woah (I miss this in season three...) Super-cute ^-^ And John sucks at explaining.

*wibbles* Something evil is going on. Goose bumps guaranteed. Especially the scene in the Control Room with the light thing and the Stargate. And the ghosts idea is pretty wacko. Nifty bubble thingy (*wants one*). And light goes out again on John. Angsty Sparky sexing over radio about possible wraithy thingy... Then Sparky flirting in the Control Room about what could this shadow be and Rodney gets stuck in the middle. Looks like he's bored. And they stand close together!!!! *squeals* Whispering. Awww, so cute. Lights goes boo and Rodney goes shoo. Sparky looks in sync down. Again, very cute *huggles Sparky* Rodney passed out (Let's face it: He fainted. *ducks from Rodney's death glare*), John radios Dr. Weir and mocks Rodney. Macho walk of the century and lights go out again. Major Sheppard arms up... Ooooookay, I admit, the shadow is very creepy and I was a little scared. Sparky angst (it's like the fourth time this episode? *headdesk*) about how the darkness feeds on energy *bites nails* Rodney whines about him soon being no longer there *smacks him*

Jinto pipes up and Team Pretty People goes to find him. And guess what they find? Beside Jinto. Transporters! (Totally forget that they found it in this ep, not the pilot.) Then Peter (*misses him*) makes the shadow move in circles (like round and round and round and...). Liz iz proud. But then Ford gets stuck with the shadow getting closer *wibbles* and gets flashed. And is smokey. Sparky visits him in the infirmary, eye-sexes a little bit and makes bedside talk. Apparently together they have no problem with that. (And I really want one of these bubble thingys...)

Stepping out of the transporters, Sparky meets green Rodney and moves in sync like no other. Talking about the shadow that Jinto let out and that the Ancients observed cause it has something to do with ascension. The dark side of it (*hums Star Wars with StarGate words*) Looks bad. Really bad. Cause the shadow is pissed and hungry. Who wouldn't? Skipping the Teyla/Ford/Jinto talk and going straight to Sparky. Liz sitting close to John who's standing. Liz could turn her head and would see Little John *coughs* Moving to Rodney. Personal Space doesn't exist for Sparky. Nope. Rodney found a way to capture the shadow and John says he will do it. My hero *faints* Liz doesn't look happy. She reminds Rodney that he still wears the shield and she wants John to be in one piece for later. Standing close and looking just Sparky-ish *happy sigh* Short eye-sexing from John at Liz. And the Rodney's green thingy falls off. Typical. As soon as he's about to die, nothing's there to protect him *headeverythings* Sparky smirking about how Liz had a feeling *lol* And OMG, could Sparky stand any closer??? Nothing fits in between. Nada *loves* Sparky mocks Rodney about fainting again as he goes all I'm not scared and I will do it.

Skipping everything till John activates the machine to capture the shadow *bites nails* Really creepy. Really really. Liz angst - John strong but angst *bites nails again* Whoops, shadow is smarter. Next scene Sparky in Control Room with the rest. Teyla comes up with the idea of using the Gate and Sparky eye-sexes. They're gonna send a generator through the gate. Liz asks John if he's ok and John can only nod *huggles Sparky*

Dialing gate, pretty John with pretty wormhole and the plan doesn't exactly work. Sparky angsty eye-sex but Rodney saves the day *loves him* He looks awesome in the shadow. Then the shadow is gone and Rodney is down. Liz and John both take care of their 'kid' and share a worried glance over their kid's body *grins* Rodney wakes up and John officially names this incident passing out. Day is saved again *cheers*

Funny how I went from short to kinda middle long. I wanted to make a short review but I never get it short *facepalms*
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