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A Sara/Nick story - I'm here for you

This story was born out of boredom. It's Saturday and here's absolutly nothing going on *thud* I watched for some time Live 8 but I got bored after 5 minutes or so *bored to near death* Maybe later I'll watch again...
So I wrote this, a Sara/Nick story *smile* [Thanks to pellucid for a little beat-reading ;D]

Title: I'm here for you
Rating: PG-13 (to be on the safe side)
Summary: After the 5th season finale, Sara searches for Nick and finds him (I suck at sums)
Disclaimer: Do you really think I would sit here and write shippy fics if CSI was mine?

"Nick?" Sara whispered in the dark of the rest room. It had been a slow shift, no murder, nothing. The corridors were desert and just some scientists were present. Grissom told them to go home but Sara was reluctant to leave. Something had pulled her to this room.

"Nick?" She sighed. Since his abduction he had been quiet and had withdraw from them all. It made Sara nearly cry to see Nick in this state and to be unable to help him. 'I can't take it anymore.' Determined she crossed the threshold, calling a third time Nick's name.

"Nick! I now you're here." Suddenly a hand gripped hers and Sara stumbled forward.

"He..." A second hand clasped over her mouth and cut her words off. "Mpfh..." She was dragged through the room to the far end. Warm breath floated over her neck and Sara felt an erratic heartbeat in her back. Without a doubt she knew it was Nick. Slowly the arm around her waist loosened up and Nick started to caress her belly. The hand over her mouth fell to his side and he buried his head in Sara's hair.

"Nick? Nicky?" Sara carefully probed. She grasped his hand and squeezed it. "Talk to me, please. I-I want to help you, Nick." Sobs rocked his body and hot tears dripped on her shoulder. Sara turned in Nick's arms and for the first time in days she saw the pain and loneliness he had hidden for so long break through. "Oh, Nick..."

Now it was Sara's turn to embrace him tightly. "I'm here for you, Nick. No matter what. I can't imagine what you were feeling, thinking in... there... but if you let me I will help you. A sorrow shared is a sorrow halved."

For the first time since 'it' Sara felt Nick laughing. "You and your proverbs, Sar." While speaking his lips grazed Sara's ear, tickling her.

"I never wanted you to feel guilty, Sara. Warrick told me you felt so helpless and cried for me."

Sara lifted her head and looked Nick directly in the eyes. "Yes, I felt helpless and I still do, Nick, because now we have you back but you're still trapped down there. And I can't reach you." Gently she wiped his tears away and traced his features. "When I saw the video... I realized how much you mean to me. How much I wanted to hold you near me but most of all, how much I wanted to tell you 'I love you'."

As Sara traced his lips they began to form a smile and Nick kissed her fingertips. Again he took her hand and laid it on his heart. "Trapped in that coffin wasn't the worst part, no Sar, the worst was that I thought I wouldn't be able to tell you 'I love you' back." He drew her back into his arms.

"I still feel the fear and I shut you all off because I... God, I'm so sorry, Sara. I know you wanted to help me but I was... it was like I was paralyzed... I never wanted to hurt you..."

Sara held him tighter. "I know, Nicky, I know. Let's heal it together. You're not alone, never." Slowly she felt feather light kisses trailing down her neck and up again until they reached her mouth. "Thank you, my Sara. For everything..." And for the first time since they met they kissed.

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