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Finally I watched the new season openers of CSI NY, L&O SVU and L&O CI. My favourite was Criminal Intent one because it was sooo shippy. The others were not bad either but my shipper side was not really happy. Nope.

CSI New York

Waaaaa, the hair of all four guys!!! Short doesn't even begin to describe it *flails* No more hair grabbing when my ships have hot-against-the-wall sex *grumbles*

Danny looks weird with the new hair style. Flack is back all new and shiny. Mac is half-nekkid with the new morgue lady. Hawkes plays around as always and our girls look very good.

Sadly no shipping between Danny/Lindsay *rasberries* but if you squint enough there was a little eye-sexing between Mac/Stella.

Beside the new morgue lady there's a new detective lady. Worked with Danny and Hawkes *rolls eyes* I so can't wait for the promised Danny/Lindsay moment *bounce*

Cases were interesting but didn't knock me off my feet. Something around 7/10, I would say.

Law & Order SVU

Ô_______o Seriously, what's wrong with TPTB? I think Olivia and Elliot had only one short moment. And then she was shipped off into undercover work. That's so not fair *whines*

At least they gave a good reason for Olivia not being there for the next few episodes although I could really do without the new female patner for Elliot that's suppoed to come. All this kirking from the hero gets old.

Cases were good. Especially Olivia's. 8/10 for me.

Law & Order CI

I was a little surprised to see the new guy. I know him from somewhere but can't remember from where... He was not really nice to Alex *pokes him into the eye* But Alex so showed him who's the boss.

There was a lot of flirting between Alex and Bobby *faints* and then of course the kidnapping of Alex! You could see how much Bobby needs Alex and vice versa. The hospital scene near the end was so sad/romantic *sniff* And I really loved the end when Bobby was sitting again at Alex' bedside. Love all the way.

Best case of the evening. Gets a 10/10.

I just noticed that on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday I have like three/four shows *gasp* Marathon days *yay*
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