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This and That

Soooo, my sister got an A in her test *bounceflumms* She came home, waving her test and yelling on top her lungs "I rule!" *grins* Gotta love her ♥

Just as our new guest: Billy, the little mouse. Last Saturday my mum thought she saw a mouse running through our living room but wasn't sure. Now we are because so far I've seen it more than a dozen times. Whoopie. It's really small and loves to hide under my piano. My mum named our cute little fellow Billy and officially made it a part of our family *grins*
We are already used to Billy running from one furniture to another or from room to room. Don't really wanna loose it *pats*

Oh and I decided to open my own bookshelf with all my stories (because is a bitch): divine_realms.
I'm a little bit out of writing practice but hopefully I will get my muse back soon ^-^ Feel free to watch the community.

The idea for the name came to me when I found Tamora Pierce's books in English in our bookstore: 'Take three books and pay for one'. So far I had only The Song of the Lioness and The Immortal Wars in German but now I can get them and the newer series in English *iz happy like woah*
Her fantasy books were one of the first I've ever read and they are still my favourite. I think they are even better than Harry Potter

Ohhhh, chocolate muffins... here I come...
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