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Stargate Atlantis Thoughts

The last two days my sister and I were working for her English test she had today *is floored* we both think she did good ;) The second she came home from school she snagged me and the Atlantis DVDs and we watched non-stop *grins*

Pets: We decided that the pretty people need pets. Lizzie got her cute dog and Rodney the tiny mouse from Common Ground (Michelle: The mouse shall be named Micky). John should get a hawk or an eagle. Teyla is more a cat-person. Ronon needs a wild animal. Which we don't really know. Bear is too big. How about a wolf? Carson will get an owl. You know, all this wise stuff. Oh and all the bitchy people in 'Lantis get snakes (on a plane or here it's more like on a flying disco *lalala*)

What do you think? Which animal fits whom? Tell us *beams*

Clothes: Woah! From grey-and-so-not-fashionable to black-leather-and-oozing-sex *dies* if they keep flashing us all this leather stuff, the fans will forget to follow the storyline *looks pointly* Seriously. Have you seen the way Elizabeth and John look in black and red and leather? They scream sex on legs and OMG take me nooooooooow! Oh and don't let us forget Ronon and Teyla's Tarzan-and-Jane outfits *squints* leather and sexy-like-woah. Even Rodney and Carson wear leather and look like Doc Hot and Genius Sexy.

Take an episode from season one and one from season three and you will see what we mean. Half of the time we ogled the guys and totally missed the plot. PWP says hi *coughs*

The Wraith do leather, too *nods* The Queen from Allies wears white leather and as long as you don't see her face, she's hot. As is Michael. Without his Wraith-face and in wild clothes. Yummy.

Names: The big question we have: Do Wraith have names? I doubt the Queen says 'Oh, hey, you there. No not you. You on the left side. NO! Not so left. The second from the left behind the one to the right and- Oh, shut it. One of you: Get me my shoes!'

Nope, don't think she wants to lose time with such things. Our pretty people and we fans named two (three) Wraith: Steve and Tim. And of course Michael. But the Queen doesn't call her minions by names.

Can anyone tell us why? *wonders*

Daily Problems: Like hair styles and showering and eating/drinking and all this stuff we common people have to fight on a daily base but our pretty people seem to never have. Ideas why?

Yes, yes, we know it would take too much time to show every single minute of their lifes but so far we've never seen Elizabeth's, Ronon's or Carson's quarters or a get-together in their free time or some little off-duty relationship-moments.

That wouldn't be too much, would it? I mean, all this fighting life-sucking bitches is tiring after some seasons and we want some relationship bits. Just once in a while. Pleeeeeeease? Fanfics are great but visuals are even better *nudge*

~ That's what our poor minds came up with *sigh* anything your mind would like to add? ~

Oh and OMG scout78 *tackle hugscuddleknuddel* You are teh awesomeness in person ♥ Thank you so much!!!

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