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Do not take it seriously!!!!! John and Liz in the www

This is just for fun. It has no plot or something in that direction! Was soo bored and the rain made me go crazy....

knight_in_shining_jumper: Help!

one_weird_leader: John?

knight_in_shining_jumper: Elizabeth, help!

one_weird_leader: What's wrong?

knight_in_shining_jumper: Rodney's killing me here!

king_of_geeks: Am not!

knight_in_shining_jumper: Yes, you are. You are talkin' and talkin' and...

one_weird_leader: This babbling is normal for him. If he suddenly stops, well, then we would have to worry.

knight_in_shining_jumper: That's not funny, Elizabeth!

king_of_geeks: What do you mean 'babbling'? I do not babble! It's important for everyone on the base to know certain things, like how the jumpers work or the Stargate or...

one_weird_leader & knight_in_shining_jumper: Rodney, STOP!!!

king_of_geeks: ...

knight_in_shining_jumper: Ewww, stop pouting, Rodney. That's so... gross! Or do ya wanna go MIA?

need_some_clothes: What does a MIA mean?

one_weird_leader: Teyla? Who's idea was that... name?

need_some_clothes: Some of your female memebers suggested it.

knight_in_shining_jumper: MIA means missing in action. And where are you writing from?

no_action_whatsoever_for_me: She's with me, sir. Ford. I'm showing her how to use the network, sir.

knight_in_shining_jumper: Is that sooooo?

one_weird_leader: Major! It's very nice of Ford to help her! You just hang around.

knight_in_shining_jumper: Mpfh. I do not 'hang' around! I'm here with Rodney! He explains... things to me!

king_of_geeks: Ha, yeah, sure! You are hanging around cause Elizabeth told you to do sth useful. You had no idea what to do and thought you could hide here!

king_of_geeks: Ouch! What was that for?

knight_in_shining_jumper: Iciotic scientists!

one_wierd_leader: Hey! And you are a coward and jealous of Teyla and Ford!

knight_in_shining_jumper: Elizabeth! If you want to see the next day, you should stop it! And I'm not jealous!

one_weird_leader: Ô.Ô And how will you do that? You're 5 floors down. By the time you're here I'm already gone. And you are jealous *g*!

knight_in_shining_jumper: ....

one_weird_leader: Lost for words, Major?

one_weird_leader: Major? John? Rodney, where's he?

king_of_geeks: Elizabeth, take my advice and RUN!

one_weird_leader runs for her life but.....

king_of_geeks: Eh, Ford? Do you have seen them?

no_action_whatsoever_for_me: No, sir. Teyla has seen them neither.

hottest_leader_pair_of_atlantis: 's ok guys. I got her and she got me ^-^

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