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Huh, where am I?



*cross eyes*

I'm going to shoot that calculator, the bloody vocabularies and this really stupid summery-task >_< like right now. I so can't take it anymore. So. Not.

For two days now my sisters and I are working on their homework and we feel like it's been weeks *sigh* I really like helping them but slowly I get the feeling that the teachers are doing this to annoy me... Seriously, I never had so much homwork when I was back in school.

I want to be over and done with it. Just had to get it off my chest cause screaming ain't that good right now *grins* At least we have chocolate and orange juice. Keeps me going for hours.

Hopefully we are done tomorrow and I can go back to my precious flist *clings* I miss you guys *sniff* I'm skipping in fast forward over posts and will try to comment in the next few days.

Till then, my friends. Back to battle numbers and letters...
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