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My sister's 12th birthday was to today and we had so much fun. I drank Coca Cola and am totally hyper *bounce* Should have stayed faaaaar away from it but phew, I did not *hee* and I make no sense at all because I think I can switch the daylight on and off...

We went to the Pirates of the Caribbean Cinema Night and watched both movies! OMG I'm such a Jack Sparrow/Elizabeth Swann shipper right now and I won the bloody bet from last year! I knew it! Won't spoil you *sticks tongue out*

*jumps topic* I mean *jumps to a complete different topic*: Does anyone know if there's a Carson Beckett mood theme? geeky_ginger is looking for one but I haven't seen one around here. So, help? *attempts too look cute* Thanks to the awesome victoriaely we found one! *is happy*

*eats rest of popcorn and pats sisters who are somehow drapped over her legs which looks somewhat funny*
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