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Print-a-boo? Huh? What?

*stomps feet* Work, stupid printer. If you don't start in the next few minutes, I will do really, really bad things to you *death glare of doom*

I neeeeed to get this thing printed for Billy *whines* why does everytime I want to print something, everything goes wacko? Why, oh why? *headdesk*

I will give it some minutes... in the meantime I can rescue little incests again. My sisters go all 'Ewwwww, kill it!'. Seriously, the insect is probebly more afraid of them than the other way around *rolls eyes*

Saved like 16 or so today. Gave them all names just to annoy my sisters. So, Daniel, Jack, Sam, John, Liz, Teyla, Ronon, Teal'c, Rodney, Carson, Mitchell, Vala, Radek, Lorne, Cadmen and Hermiod are safe now. I swear, the last insect looked like a mini-version of Hermiod *nods*

And I'd like to welcome the new friends (fangirls and fanboys alike) I made this weekend *hands out sweets and drinks* You rocks, guys ;) Enjoy your stay and make yourself home

Oh, look, maybe my printer works now...

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