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So bored

Snagged this from johnliz4ever. I was bored an made me a new icon too.

Name: Mercedes
Nicknames: Mercy, Merci
Age: 20
Location: Bielefeld, Germany
Hair color: Dark blonde to light brown
Eye color: grey with gold and silver dots
Height: ehm, 1,75 m
Weight: 50 kg or sth like that
Tattoos: As soon as I'm 21 I'll get an angel but where I still don't know...
Piercings: One in each ear

Scars: Hell, yes... 5 slight ones
Freckles?: My face and arms as soon as I meet the sun
Do you wear makeup: Just some foundation
What color is your bedroom: White, white, white...
Most expensive item you own: My very small notebook and tons of dvds
How would you classify your style: Not able to be classified
Loves: SG-1, SGA, TXF, reading, books in general, sunset and sunriese,...
Hates: Some of my old school buddies
Worst Habit: Being a little Know-It-All *cringe*
What are you labelled: Bookworm
What are you wearing: Jeans and sweater.
What’s your hair doing: I have hair? No serious, it's hanging around...
What song are you listening to: Ghetto Gospel instrumental

Significant other: Ô.o
How long have you been together: ......
What attracts you most to them: .......
What bothers you most about them: ..........
Do they know you like them: .......................................
Would you ever hook up with someone of the same sex: Maybe... maybe not

Are your parents together: No
Pets: Dog, rabbits and cat
Siblings: Two sisters, one kind-of -dopted sister, two brothers
Siblings age: 11, 2x12, 18 and 28
Parents age: ... and ...
Parents job: Both heads of their own company
Fav thing about your house: My room

More acquaintances than friends: Yeah
Best friends: Alex who's been my best male friend since we were 3
Do you like all your friends: Nope, some are @$$es
Worst thing a friend has done to you: Humiliated me in front of our class but revenge was sweet...
Worst thing you've done to a friend: ----

Done drugs: Never
Got drunk: Nope
Smoke: No
Stayed up all night partying: No
Stayed up all night alone: Yep
Hooked up with someone you didn't know: No
Hooked up with a friends guy/girl: Eww
Broken the law: I drove the jeep of my dad when I was 12...
Snuck out: Well, ...
Stolen: Only off my sisters

Color: Blue/Silver
Music Genre: Everything
Movie Genre: sci-fi, romance, action, comedy
Animal: Wolf (my grandad had one), cat and owl (my aunt has one)
Sport: Martial arts.
Book: Ô.o ... I've thousands
Language: Latin, Greek, a little Italian, English and very little Hebrew

God: is female
Attend Church: Who needs a church to believe?
Spiritual: oh yeah
Aliens: Who do you think crashed in 1947????
Ghosts: My grandma
Love at first sight: Yes
Wishes: I wish....
Abortion: No/Yes, it depends on the situation
Politics: It doesn’t bother me
Death: is like Life
Sex before marriage: Why not
Legalizing marijuana: It doesn’t bother me either way
The media: tries to manipulate us sometimes
Gay marriages: Yes, even now a married pair
War: Too conflicted
Meat: Uh hu, sometimes

Ethnic background: From my dad's side a little Irish and Katholic, from my mom's side Jewish and Protestant and one of my ancestors is Spanish
Wished your hair looked like: At the moment like Jessica Biel's in Blade: Trinity
Wished your eye colour was: like it is
Body build: Around the middle I'm a little masculine iow my hips are not so female
Wished your body build was: Thinner
Makeup / Jewellery: Makeup is ok but not too much and I love my Jewellery

Colouring / Digital arts program?: Yes, Photoshop
Music player?: Windows Media Player and Sonicstage
Dial-up, DSL, or cable?: DSL
Use Hell, yeah
DA addict: Ô.o huh?
Computer games?: Sacred, Tomb Raider and Still Life
Mouse: touchpad
Visit porn sites?: Never
Like forum sites?: Some are fantastic, others are just sh...

You are dependable, popular, and observant.
Deep and thoughtful, you are prone to moodiness.
In fact, your emotions tend to influence everything you do.

You are unique, creative, and expressive.
You don't mind waving your freak flag every once and a while.
And lucky for you, most people find your weird ways charming!


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