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SGA 302 Misbegotten - Recap/Review

Welcome to the recap/review of SGA 302 - Misbegotten. This time I had help from the awesome billy_red_ocean *hugs* We tried to get our hands on a Gate because we wanted to watch the ep together but apparently they can only be find in icy places. And not in desserts *giggle fit* That's what billy_red_ocean wrote! Not my fault *innocent looks*
Although a chocolate covored Stargate doesn't sound bad... or a Stargate on Ice... we blame it on the heat *nods*

But somehow we managed to watch the ep at our pcs and talk over Yahoo at the same time. Running commentary if you want ^-^ Some of them I added to the recap/review.

A/N 1: This is a multi-shipper recap/review. I found for almost every ship scenes: John/Rodney, John/Ronon, John/Elizabeth, John/Teyla, Ronon/Elizabeth, Ronon/Teyla,... I think that's it.

A/N 2: This recap/review is image-heavy. And I mean heavy. Like +130 pictures. You can use them for iconage, wallpapers, whatever graphic you want to make

Oh and I finally know what IOA really means: Idiots Of Apocalypse *smirk*

Short Summery

The Atlanteans have ~200 Wraith-turned-human and have no idea what to do with them. They decide to dump them on a planet without gate and leave them there. But slowly their memories are coming back... On the other hand, R. Woolsey visits Atlantis to write a report about the situation there. Meaning: Either he approves or Elizabeth and her team are going to be fired.

Loooong and image-heavy version

Previously on Stargate... very doom-ish and dark.. and looong. (mercscilla: Previously... *headdesk* - billy_red_ocean: Hehe, are you suprised?)

Shep: "We are out of the woods." Whoopie!

On earth, they have a gate connection with 'Lantis. Our superwomen Liz and Teyla (billy_red_ocean: Oh, Teyla's getting used to being the boss)

Liz wants to know if there's any word of Team Sheppard.

Teyla has to negate *sigh* the boys are still lost somewhere in space

But! There's a hive ship coming to Atlantis *bites nails* Why does that sound so familiar? Oh right, last time they said that, they screwed up biiiiig time *headdesk*

Anway, the woman-in-charge-of-Atlantis, Teyla, gives orders to activate the cloak.

Wheeeee! Chuck! Doing his magic! You go, technician!

And 'Lantis was never seen again... whops...

Liz asks about the defences and Teyla gives a short report. Including our favourite Doctor whom we haven't seen for an episode.

Carson is... in the CHAIR! Woohoo! He's doing just peachy *grins* understatement of the year *nods* (billy_red_ocean: Still freaked out - mercscilla: lol)

Liz is sorry to put him in this position (let's all remember how Carson nearly killed O'Neill and John in 'The Rising'...)

But he's the only one (beside the two men) who fired a drone. Irony sucks.

Liz assures him that he will do fine (and look at Walter. I swear he's trying to not smile...)

Carson is not a happy camper and insists that the cloak is enough but apparently the hive ship doesn't care about speed limits (it wants to get the milkshakes from last time ^-^) Sucks to have the ATA gene, doesn't it *smirk*

Either it's being chased by the D or it operates on the data the Wraith stole from the Atlanteans...

No matter what, the cloak might not be useful at all. Oh, bloody great. Why don't they stick a big banner at the top of 'Lantis saying 'We are here. Please shoot and woot.'

Enter hive ship.

OT3: Liz/Teyla/Carson *grins* Be prepared for being sucked by Wraith...

Looks of doom. All thinking the same: "We are sooooo screwed..." Did I write my testament? TPTB will get nothing!

Ô___________o Leave it to John to make an entrance... *rolleyes*

Teyla/John = his voice makes her smile like no one else can and the way she says 'John' *happy sigh*

Liz/John = 'He made it?' relieved like woah. The way she puts her head in her hands speaks volumes *dreamy sigh*
(billy_red_ocean: Did Lizzie just say you made it??? Squeeeeeeeeee)

John always the man: "Now wouldn't be a good time to fire on us." No! Really? "After all, we don't wanna damage our new hive ship." Can he look any smugger??? And he bounced!!!

Teh credits! New scenes. (billy_red_ocean: woah still we really like that ^-^

Woah, the D is small. In comparison to the hive ship that is *grins*

Carson/John love = John apologizes to Carson for sneaking up on them but sub-space communications were down. Carson answers that he came this close to blast him from the sky. John tells him that he showed remarkable restraint, which makes him all the more confident for the next time.
Ain't that sweet? *awwws*

Before Carson can protest that there's 'no next time' John goes all retro-virus on Carson. It worked and now they have a few Wraith-turned-humans hanging in stasis.

Yuck! Ewwww... (billy_red_ocean: that's disgusting why have guys always to touch everything?)

"This is a few?" More like ~200... lovely. But still better than a few thousands a hive ship usually carries... right.

Earth. Woolsey: "Tea?" (subtext: no lecture on her action cause the IOA has no official position on the matter one way or the other)

Li: "No." *eyebrow of doom* (subtext: that's great. As soon as it gets tricky, they have no opinion whatsoever)

The IOA doesn't care what happens to the 200 Wraith but is more concerned about Liz' actions the last few days.

She tells Woosy (I know that's not his name but it got stuck with me >_<) that she trusts Michael who said that intelligence that allowed the hives to get as far as it did, was NOT passed to other Wraith colonies.

That makes for a strong defense... or not.

Liz: "I didn't know I was on trial."

Woosy explains that the IOA never thought that the Wraith would pose a threat to anyone outside of the Atlantis expedition.

Well, it was the IOA that wanted a cilvillian leader, not a military one.

Yes, but life-sucking aliens could change their opinion on that matter... great. Really great. *sigh*

'Lantis... Teyla visits Michael.

(billy_red_ocean: It sucks to be a wraith) Michael doesn't like the way they treat him. He helped them defeat the Wraith and yet they place him under guard.
(billy_red_ocean: Weren't that Shep's quarters? Or Caldwell's office? - mercscilla: *giggles* Eww, I don't wanna have a Wraith in my room.)

Hello??? You betrayed our trust in the past.

"Here I am once again." His own kind didn't accept him and why should the humans. On the ouside he may appear Wraith but in the inside... He needs Teyla's help *raises eyebrow*


He wants to find his own way. Far away from Wraith and humans. Right.

"We are grateful for what you have done for us but we can't let you go with the informations you have." Ouch.

"Then kill me now!" *sobs* why do the guys always ask the girl to shoot them? *remembers 'Conversion'*
(billy_red_ocean: They [The Wraith] already lived a few thousand years maybe they're just bored? - mercscilla: Probably - billy_red_ocean: No kidding)

Teyla offers him another way: To take the treatment (which is far more affective now) again but Michael doesn't want that. What he is is not a disease.

And btw, why if you think the treatment was successful, why aren't the other Wraith in Atlantis? Enjoying their new 'life'?


Earth. Liz catching up on the 'Playgirl'. Lots of hot and sexy SGA guys... Lorne, Sheppard, Dex, McKay, Carson...

Woosy has to interrupt *headdesk* she was seconds away from showing us the pictures! (billy_red_ocean: Oh look how curly her hair is!)

He tells her that the IOA decided to let her keep Atlantis. I mean, be in charge of Atlantis.


Little political bla bla about preventing a deadlock and therefore a detailed report on what happens in the Pegasus. Meaning: Woosy will accompany Liz to Atlantis *headdesk*

Ever been offworld?

Yep. Got nearly killed.

Ô.o ooookay, we will try to not let that happen. This time.

Doesn't the Asgard have a ship they could use? (So very manly... *snerk*)

I won't let two weeks go by for you being a pansy. So yes, they have but no, we won't use it. HA!

Btw, Woosy never met an Asgard. Liz assures him, he will love them. Their sense of humour is great. Really? No. *giggle fit*

Hive ship. Captain John entering the bridge. Asks his boyfriend if he figured out how to fly it.

Yes, in fact, I've been able to make it fly, shimmy and spin like a top. You thought it was going to be hard, right? I know you, mister.

Hey, that just proves I haven't miplaced my trust in you, hon *makes up* So snarkly sexy!

So far, the ship only responds to basic commands. Shep: "That's doesn't do as much good." McKay: "Really." *grins*
For higher leves they need a Wraith but Rodney is working on a manual override.
(billy_red_ocean: They have lots of Wraith!)

Hey, how about Teyla. She got the Wraith gene. And what's with this finger spazzing?

That could work but the bigger problem is that half of the power generating capacity is gone. Whoops. And cause we don't have no spare parts, we will have to cut back on power consumption if we want to fly and play with the weapons.
Meaning: The Wraith-turned-humans can't stay in stasis. Damn.

'Lantis. Coolest move EVAR. Ronon pulling his gun on Michael.

"Are you my executioner?"

"I wish." *melts*

Stuns him and Carson injects him with the retro virus again. Ronon doesn't look happy. Me neither. Nope.

On a planet, far far away... Shep Hood and Little Ronon entering a camp with lots of white Wraith.
Ronon: "Alright... this is weird." Liz/Ronon love all the way! (billy_red_ocean: I thought [he said] "that is weir" lol)

Mumbling about knowing the truth and all that stuff. (subtext: Can we please hurry this up and then have hot and sweaty sex-against-all-surfaces?)

A Wraith, Lathan, approches John and asks several questions. Makes Ronon all jumpy cause his precious Shep could be in danger. Or cheat on him.

The Atlanteans told the former Wraith that they have the plague and John tells Lathan that until Carson can clear them, they have to remain on this planet.

Shex enter a tent. John wants to know how the research is coming.

Carson needs more time. John tells him it would be safer to do that in Atlantis.

They discuss the possibility of letting the Wraith here (cause there's no Stargate and Carson taught the Wraith to admister the doses themselves) but Carson doesn't want that. He's yet not sure if they are human through and through.

Ronon wants to know if there's been any sign of them remembering.

So far not. But they need their daily doses to keep stable.

Woah! John/Carson touching! Little rough, eh? *dies*

John has no intention of babysitting the Wraith. Carson can't believe that they should abandon them if he can't find a solution. What's going to happen then?

Ronon: "They will revert back to Wraith and start feeding on eachother." Geez, any smugger and he will burst. He got this sexy swing in his steps...

Anyway, Carson says, now they are humans and his responsibility. He's going to stay here.

John is not a happy camper and decides to leave a security team with Carson.

Ronon facepalms.

Uh oh... meeting of teh Wraith.

Bla bla about the story they've been told and how they don't belive it. Lathan wants to take the ship but Michael (looking good!) doesn't. It's too risky. They don't know what the truth is and what not.

'Lantis. Woosy and Caldwell. (billy_red_ocean: He stole Lizzie's jacket) So. Not. Cool.

They talk about the IOA, why there's a civillian leader, how Caldwell could be military leader but Shep got the position,...

It sounds like Woosy wants to make Caldwell jealous of John's position. Not working *sticks tongue out* Caldwell know exactly what going on cause he's been long enough around to know what going on (subtext: Have you seen Sparky? There's no way in hell I would work against them. No way.)

Woosy sucks. Caldwell scores. He's a closet Sparky shipper *nods*

Uh oh... Lathan went AWOL. Damn.

Michael and the other Wraith wants to help find him. "He's one of us." (billy_red_ocean: If you say no they're going to be pissed)

(mercscilla: Ronon *loves* - billy_red_ocean: and his track skillz) Looking for one of his dreadlocks he lost.

John + Ronon looking for Lathan *sigh* Shex all the way...

Michael stumbles over Lathan. He wants him to come back with them.

Ô_o uh oh...

Ronon still looking for his dreadlock. John gets radioed by Morrison who tells him that they found Lathan.

A dead Lathan. A very dead one. Oh man...

Back at the tents, Carson is about to start the autopsy of Lathan. One of the Wraith, Merrick, tells him that the daily injections are ready to be admistered. Carson gives his ok but Merrick pauses and wants to know if Carson is going to do an autospy. Yes, he will even if it's obvious that his neck is broken.

Merrick turns to leave but pauses some seconds before he does. billy_red_ocean: Carson's puppy)

In Atlantis, our pretty people group hug. Off screen. On screen they share an emotional (and slighty awkward) moment.

Liz/John = Eye!Sex *wheee* Lots of it! And he has this knowing smile... there's going to be sexing later *bounce*

Liz/Rodney = He's second from cyring and so wants to jump her *nods*

Liz/Ronon = His smirk tells everything...

Liz/Teyla = Awww, she know exactly how Liz feels *hugs*

Rodney saves the day (and kills the awkward moment. YAY!): "Oh, she's hungry, too?" *giggle fit*

Teyla/Ronon = Baby, I will let you ride anything (me) cause the way you rode the hive ship? Let's do it like right now.

Rodney snarks about the fact that Teyla only flew a straight line causing Liz to eyebrow and John asking Rodney how much maneuverability he has been able to pull off with his manual interface? Rodney asks if standing still is a maneuver? *lol*
So much John/Rodney loving ^-^ Get a room, guys!

Liz' double enters. No, wait, it's Woosy. He's sorry he's late. We aren't. Bye. (billy_red_ocean: Look, that's just so wrong in the outfit)

John wants to know who he is. The others as well.

Liz introduces him. He will do individual interviews with everyone later. Oh joy.

and Woosy adds that he will be observing all staff meetings. Woosies in on Liz' place.

What did I miss? (the memo saying, you have five seconds to leave Lantis or you will get sucked off)

John tells him Rodney was about to tell them what progress he's been made with the hive controls. Riiiight...

Carson plays I Spy. Looking for evidence that Lathan's death wasn't an accident. He radios Morrison to tell him that. They are overheard by a Wraith.

In Atlantis, John is interviewed by Woosy. (billy_red_ocean: Mine's bigger!) John has to defend his and Liz' actions (OMG Sparky voice!porn *thud*)

John supported her desicion to form an alliance with Michael, and he supported her decision to put those...people...on the planet.

Woosy says that John's support hardly shines through when he hesitates to call them people. Oh, come on! Don't try to break up my OTP! *kicks Woosy*

Carson play 'Alive in Wonderland' and follows the white rabbit, eh, Wraith...

ATTENTION: The scene in her office is for me full of Liz/John shippage! (billy_red_ocean: Office Love!)

John strides into her office, wanting to know if he can get away with htting Woosy on the head.

Why do you want to?

It's an impluse I have every damn time I see him and I might follow it if I see him again...

Woah, never seen you like this (she likes it, she liiiiiikes it ^-^) What did he say to you?

Oh, beside judging every decision you made? (subtext: He hit on you!)

"John Sheppard, are you defending my honor?" O.M.G. *swoons with Liz* Can I get a alleluia? (billy_red_ocean: squeeeeeeeeeee)

Pause. He so wants to jumpe her *nods* Oh and he's judging me for agreeing with you. Can we knock him out together? And have then hot sex against all surfaces? Please?

Na, don't be too hard on him. He could be useful and make the other idiots leave us alone.

John pouts. No head knocking?

Honey, it's the tought that counts *biggrin*

END of heavy shippage ^-^

Carson in 'Blair Doctor Project'. He sees a few Wraith doing some mysterious thing and trys to radio Morriosn. No such luck.

He turns to leave (billy_red_ocean: Look behind you!) and AHHHHHHH! Wraith!Michael *runs*

Michael tells him that the security team is... indisposed and bring Carson back to the camps. All the while telling him that he's very, very angry... uh oh...

In the Control Room, Rodney tells Liz and John that he picked up a signal. A hive ship. Damn. OT3!!!

And it's flying towards the planet where they left Carson and the Wraith.

Oh, bloody great!

In the briefing room, our pretty people discuss their possibilities and next actions.

Lots of snarking from Woosy (billy_red_ocean: Lizzie's standing funny)

Some angsty eye!sex between Teyla and John (billy_red_ocean: Oh Sheyla moment)

Kick ass John (finishing Liz' sentences *raises eyebrow*)

Kick ass Rodney

Kick ass Liz

They have two days before the other hive ship arrives at the planet. The D isn't ready yet cause Hermiod is high and even if John wants to light a fire until his bony little... it won't work. How about they take their own hive ship?

Would be cutting it close and a ship to ship encounter would be less than slim if he can make the manuel interface work. Woopie!

Angsty eye!sex between John and Liz and then Liz gives her OK...

Team Shex plus two leaves... (billy_red_ocean: Oh Shep's tiny against Ronon)

Back at the camp, Michael interrogates Carson. He tells him that part of the Wraith are stronger while the others are going to be feed on.
The he wants to know, what secondary security measures John has enacted.

Carson tells him that he's only a doctor and they do not tell him those sort of things. Michael doesn't believe him. He wants to know EVERYTHING... uh oh... (billy_red_ocean: I'm just a doctor. A medical doctor not a tricorder)

Hive ship. Teyla rocks! John is really concerned about her *awww* The way he looks at her... *happy sigh*

Rodney got the weapons to work but uhm, they cannot fire in any particular direction. Ooops.

He has to do better than that. (subtext: You see, it's easy. You work faster, we can kick ass faster and so can faster have sex-against-all-surfaces! Simple, ain't it?)

They are using alot of power for flying. Yes, of course. If they are going this fast, to avoid fighting the other hive ship. Doh! McShep angsty snarking ^-^

Caldwell tells Liz that they are ready to go. Hermiod might not like it that the hyper drive was pressed to work this quickly but that's not important. He's going to help John *awww*

Hive ship with Team Sheppard arrive at the planet.

John rushes to Teyla's side and fusses over her well-being. I think he might even put a hand on her back *squeee*

While John steps closer to Rodney, Ronon steps closer to Teyla and does his version of 'Are you ok?' - the silent one *happy sigh* so cute ^-^

John wants Rodney to patch him into the camp but suddenly the secondary systems come online. But... ehm, it wasn't Rodney...

The systems came online cause the ship detected life signs. Wraith life signs... ta doom!


Some. Like 100 or so. And no sign if Carson is still alive *bites nails* oh noes!

On their way to the jumper bay, John wants to know how the Wraith were able to contact the other hive ship.

Rodney has no idea but Teyla thinks that if the Wraith combined their energy, they could pull such thing off.

John: "Live and learn." Rodney: "Live some more, hopefully." They know eachother soooo well ^-^

In the jumper, John wants to know, what kind of killing zone their failsafe device got. Three-mile radius. And it won't just stop there.

And they can't do anything for the still human Wraith. They will get their people out and that's it! Cause if the Wraith and Michael got their memory back, they will probabaly already know about Atlantis and Earth.

At the camp, John hand!porns his team. (billy_red_ocean: XD, and Rodney still doesn't know his signs)

Then they take out two Wraith guards.

And save Carson *pats poor Carson*

Ronon found the rest of the security team. They were fed on. Yuck!

They snag Carson, radio Rodney and tell him to set off the nuke.

Buuuut... argh! Michael deactivated the nuke. Damn!

Team Sheppard flails

The Wraith now wait for their brothers to rescue them... (Take me hoooome, country roooooads...)

John asks Rodney if they can aim the weapons yet? Nope, can't hit the side of a barn. Uhm, you do know that Wraith ships are 100 times bigger than.... ok, so I can't hit the side of a giant flying barn. Happy? McShep is so love!
(billy_red_ocean:*giggles* Thats Stargate verse. No one's able to hit a blood barn)

Can you hit a stationary target? Like eh camp. Yeah, maybe...

No time for discussion: It's either us or them. And I rather like it to be us. Ok?


Uh oh... hive ship attacks our pretty people...
(billy_red_ocean: What's with the sensors not warning beforehand? - mercscilla: Never working)

And here we are again. Our team is about to die. Again. Like last time. Great. I hate my job. (billy_red_ocean: Venting atmosphere again)

The D arrives at the planet side and finds a battlefield...

No life signs... (billy_red_ocean: Is this the last battlefield?) Oh no, wait. John forget to decloak *whacks him*

Now all are safe.

In Liz' offices, Woolsey (^-^) has one last talk with her about the last few days and her decisions. Like the one to order her team to fire at the camp.

Eh, no, that wasn't mine. But Woolsey says, she would have *grins*

Woolsey: "In my business, sometimes it's more important not to let nconvenient facts get in the way of the greater truth."

And the truth is: Liz should remain in charge. Woohoo!!! (billy_red_ocean: Oh, Woosley's getting on the right side)

Woolsey leaves and Liz step to her window, overlooking the Gateroom.

Fade to black...

That's it for this week, my friends ;) I hope you enjoyed the ride as much as billy_red_ocean and I did. Tune in next week for Irresistible. Have a nice weekend *hugs*

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