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SGA Recap - 301 No Man's Land

We are back! 'Lantis and pretty people kicking not-so-pretty people's behinds! Lots of cool moves, angsting and fainting of fangirls (the Wraith)

Back with a recap with over 100 pics!

Many wonder why the episode is called "No Man's Land" and I think I have the answer: It's a term for the stretch of land between two border posts, here the space between Atlantis and Earth. Most of the episode plays in this stretch of space. Kinda fits, don't you think?

It was a good season opener. Maybe not as good as the season two one but it had it moments *grins*

Tag line of the season opener: Boys get to shoot - Girls get to rule

Short Summery

They had a deal... but now all bets are off. Either they make the first move and kick the Wraith asses or Earth will see a big food feast...

Long and piccy version
After the 'previously on'...

We start with a niiiiice dart game. Who can hit the most darts. FUN!

And the winner is... teh Shep. Who else?

Oh man, spoil sport these Wraith. Running like girls.

Uh oh, we kinda lost John... Skinner!Caldwell hits rock bottom *sniff*

Buuuut... look who tagged along ;P Sneaky Shep! He's our man. Stupid that it's a Hive ship.

Credits! I think they put some new scenes in but maybe I'm only imagine things here.

'Lantis. Elizabeth and Teyla get to know that they lost their significent other(s). Whoever that may be. Gonna stay multi-shipp-ish here ;)

Elizabeth wants Caldwell to go back to his ship and follow the bad boys. He doesn't look happy about that...

Radek (goota love him!) explains that the hive ships will have to make stops to regenerate or whatever. Makes Elizabeth happy.

Caldwell's still not happy.

That's why the Orion will do the job. It may be not ready but as soon as it's in range of the hive ships it has to. Cause the Wraith are not allowed to reach Earth at any chance! Women power!

That was not an easy decision...

Somewhere in space... on a hive ship... YUCK!

Rodney and Ronon.

Stuck. In Wraith goo.



Stuck. On Wraith ship.


Trying to figure out how to get a milkshake.

*groans* John kirking in flashback *kicks him* Yes, you should have listened!

Michael! My favourite Wraith-turned-Human-turning-Wraith.

He's angry at the Queen for not telling him that they were going to betray the Atlanteans.

Ooops, he's only here cause he may be still useful for something. Bite me.

Earth <-> Atlantis. Elizabeth and Landry talking about the plan.

Time's short. Either they reach the Hive ships in 14 hours or it's all over *bites nails*

The advisors of International Something want to be briefed.

By Elizabeth. Like right now *sigh*

I feel sorry for Landry. And for Elizabeth *huggles both*

Best scene between Elizabeth and Teyla ever! Two leaders who can rely on eachother.

*sigh* Elizabeth all alone. It's a burden.

Hey! Wait! That was the gate to McDonalds! Go back! I want my Mc... *sulks*

It's wonderful to be back on Earth... riiiiiight... *note the sarcasm*

Disobeying the order? Spends way too much time with a certain Colonel's team, methinks.

There's a crisis and you want me to play hostess? You got to be kidding! - It's not important who's order it was. All that counts is what they want, these idiots.

*giggle* Landry would make an awesome cheeleader for Elizabeth: "You will have them for breakfast."

On the Hive Ship, Michael isn't allowed to enter the disco, eh, labs or whatevery they are called.Uh oh...

Rodney and Ronon (R&R). Still stuck in the goo.

Rodney is being his optimistic self. In other words, snarking like woah.

Ronon is doing... something.

Dropping out of hyper space. Ooooookay. Do you have noticed how often a John-scene starts with him saying: "Oooookay..."? Very creative. Really.

Damage time!

But first things first. Calling R&R.

Whaaaaa! Michael! OMG! Is that bad?

Woah! Can I get door mechanism like that? Shuts down in record time. Give the saying 'To slam the door in someone's face' a complete new meaning...

Anyway, Michael <-> John...

"Sorry, got the wrong number." Byyyye, see ya. Gotta go.

"If you want to help R&R, listen to me."


They talk about how to help R&R and the old saying "Trust me or die." comes up.

Michael wants to live but the Wraith will kill him cause he's no longer one of them and therefore he needs the help of John.

John decides to trust Michael and they make a plan.

Back on Earth, it's Elizabeth versus three advisors/ambassadors.

Poor Liz. Has to defend every action she took.

"You will have to fire me first!" if you want to take over. You go, girl!

Hive Ships. Misery loves company...

R&R talk about they way they're going to die.

Well, Rodney's talking like a waterfall.

Ronon's got a knife! Much better than a waterfall *nods*

Stop this "We're gonna die, there's no hope." talk and I will free you.


Yada, yada, yada, have to find a way from the ship. Preferable in another place.

Earth. Elizabeth meets The Doctor. Not the Doctor. The StarTrek one. How's the arguing? Still going.

Atlantis checks in with Elizabeth and if she gives the order, then she will be responsible for any consequences.

I love the exchange between Elizabeth and Teyla. They are on the way to become good friends ;) Elizabeth tell Teyla to tell Caldwell to follow the plan. Oh man...

Daedalus in orbit. Is that Florida?

Awwww, Hermiod! Giving Caldwell status reports.

Caldwell giving orders for the soon-to-be battle.

Orion. Nice.

*jaw dropping* Lorne. In Captain chair. OMG *fangirl spazz* (like the fangilr in the pic)

Both vessels are going after the hive ships...

Teh Shep. With this hilarious helmet *pokes it*

Preparing to take out the hyper drive. I think. Or maybe he finally remembered how to get the milkshake...

"Like a walk in a park. A scary park." Poor John.

Cool move. Like the one my brother made once with my motorcross bike. Only he hit the tree.


Uh oh... it's like 1 versus... 100+?

John wants Michael to help him a little bit more.

Cause right now it looks baaaaad. For both. No! Really?

Oh bloody hell! Don't kill him! Damnit!

And then they fade to Earth?! WTF?

Apparently the ambassadors want to debrief Liz again.

Sorry, but not with me. "I'm not gonna have them aked over hot coals" (Thanks shusu for clearing that one ^-^)

She made a decsion whereas the others seem to not be able to do so. Now all they can do is wait.

Hive ship. R&R looking for exit signs.

Nope, not one. Meaning, we will die. Ok, let's take these bastards with us! Let's die as heroes, not meals!

Yikes, John caught by the Wraith.

Michael to the rescue. The old "The Queen gave me an order. Want to ask her? She's going to have your head." Works every damn time.

Now gonna rescue R&R *bounces off*

Daedalus. 5...4...3...2...1... FIRE!

Battle of the galaxy.

Whoopsie. Got hit. Little worry here. Gotta help whoever is firing at the hive ship. Like right now.

Caldwell gives order as the Orion arrives. At a screen.

Captain Loren gave order to fire but there are some... problems.

Finally! Drones of doom. But the Orion is now without shields... oh boy...

Michael and John found the empty cells of R&R. OMG where are they?

Looks like they weren't taken to get feed on. Instead R&R are now somewhere they can do as much damage as they can... let's find them!

Orion cannot be saved. They have to evacuate. Why can't they keep an alien ship for once? Sucks.

Rodney got some problems finding something to overload. No kidding.

"Let's Mikey try." *snort*

Guy version of "OMG you're alive!?"

And the old game of "Why should I trust you?"

"Cause I said so!"

Yada, yada, yada, MOVE IT!

Oh, someone's got a problem with Micheal helping them Ô.o

Find a way to get us out of here?

Maybe. If we not get shot the second we say bye.

Dart leaves Hive ship while the Orion explodes *sigh*

Lorne's back on the Daedalus and Caldwell gives order to power up the shields.

Oh, look a dart. With Team Sheppard on board.

"Beam them directly on the bridge!"

Micheal disabled the shields. They can destroy the hive ship.

But the Daedaluy gets hit as well. Ouch.

Life support is screwed. We are so screwed. Uh oh...

Team McKay & Zalenka are tyring to come up with a solutions for every problem in the galaxy. Right after they saved their asses, that is.

Breathing tanks. Or whatever they are called. 20 of them. For 200. Do the math yourself.

Very Important People (otherwise known as Rodney) need one of these tanks.

John has to make a list of the damage done to the Daedalus. Doesn't look good.

Rodney & Radek are still trxing to get the systems back online. Talking about Atlantis, sacrifies (cause they can't go back) and air.


Air? Sure. This nice cozy hive ship right behind you got lots of it.

How do we take the Wraith out so we can get the air?

The gas! The retro virus! Turn the Wraith human and take them out.

If that plan works, they could go home.

Earth. Landry visits Elizabeth.

They had yet no contact with the Daedalus and the outpost in Antarctica could defend them once but then...

The IOA sucks big time. It always does.

Elizabeth thinks, they will ask her to step down *flails*

She messed this one up. Really messd up.

But it was with the blessing of the IOA and Stargate Command.

"Success is not final. Failure is not fatal: it's the courage to continue that counts."

Landry is my my new favourite father-figure. Gotta love him ^-^

The burden of command...

On tha Daedalus, almost all air is gone. Woah, Darth Raodney...

They have to go now. Either the retro virus worked its magic or... well, you get the image *shudder*

They beam on the Hive ship...

Everywhere Wraith-turned-Human lie on the ground. Either killed by their own or unconcious.

One is a little dazed but otherwise standing on two feet.

John orders to put all living Wraith-turned-Human into holding areas.

Now they have to see what happened to the Queen...

Woah! Creepy! Poor Lorne!

Shoot me, baby! One more time!

"Beckett thought, it may not work on females."

"Oh and you wanted to tell us WHEN???"

Oooops? *innocent looks*

Looks like for now the battle is over...

TBC *kicks these little three words several times*

- Come back next week for 302 - "Misbegotten" ^-^

Note: I'm going to convert the episodes again to MP3s. Some of you interested?

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