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Ice, baby!

My sisters and I were in town to get the last items for the BBQ tomorrow at the farm *bounce* we're gonna spend all day there and will be back around 3am (if we're not dead at that point...)

So far we got salads, fruits, muffins, cookies, gummy bears (*wheee*), lots of vegetables, bread, etc. No one's going to starve. I think *checks food stash* yeah, I think we got everyone covered *nods* 25+ kids and staff.

Last year it rained cats and dogs *sigh* but this time it looks like we will have sun all day long ^-^ Would be great for the games cause I know how much the kids love to get awards. They collect them like others DVDs *looks pointly*

This means I won't be able to make it, nessaja82 *whines* Like you said, every year both events are on the same day *headdeskfloorwalldoor* just once I'd like to be able to go to both events *sigh*

We also rented some movies for the kids. Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Shrek I+II, Ice Age, Shark Tale and Monsters, Inc. Woah, movie marathon.

Apropos movies... I'm sure the Germans on my flist have seen the Germans titles for the episodes of Stargate Atlantis. They were translated word by word *facepalm* like "The Lost Boys" -> "Die Verlorenen Maenner" (and I thought everyone knew 'Peter Pan'...) or "The Long Goodbye" -> "Der Lange Abschied" (*cringe*). And "Grace Under Pressure" -> "Unter Druck" (uhm, sorry but where's the grace part?).

Oh, come one, guys! Be a little more creative if you don't wanna stick with the English titles! Although I'm sure almost everyone out there knows enough English to get the meaning of the titles (you don't? Try LEO English-German Dictionary *grins*).

But we have really cool DVD covers *nods* even if on the first cover John's hair is a little bit weird...
SGA 2.1, SGA 2.2, SGA 2.3, SGA 2.4 and SGA 2.5 (opens in new window)

I especially like the last one *happy shipper sequal* and the one with Elizabeth. Go, girl!

Hey, what the- Gah, have to go and rescue my ice from my sister *squints*
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