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Insert witty subject. I'm too lazy

Yuck, El Jay is being childish again and throws that navigation strip at me from every side *dives for cover* delete, delete, deeeelete...

I wish I could delete my sisters just for once! Ice, cola and my sisters are a very, very dangerous mix. Fangirling and high-pitched squeeing over posters and music vids of half-naked guys is really so much fun >_< won't touch the cola myself cause I will be hyper like woah. Or dead like woah. It's always one of the two *sigh*

Gonna stick to my ice *grins* and my music. Not half-naked boys. That reminds me: I found Finally a site that tells me which songs were played in the episodes of my shows ^-^ (well, if the songs are correct...)

*is off to get more ice*
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