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MP3 | Doctor Who (S1-S2)

Yup, I did it again... most of you know what this means *grins* I converted the .avi files into .mp3 files. This way you can listen to them on your ipod or mp3-player.
This time it was the fact that I can sit outside and enjoy the summer without having to endure the endless babbling of some family members *coughs* You gonna love it when you giggle and no one knows why *gasp* talk about voices in your head...

And again I decided to share the files with those of you who want them.

The second season is yet not complete but as soon as I get the episodes, I will convert and add them.

The Files

- All files are in mp3.

- All files are around 40 MB except 'Children in Need' (6 MB) and 'Christmas Invasion' (52 MB).

- All files are hosted on MegaUpload.

S E A S O N : O N E
S E A S O N : T W O
Doctor Who 101 Rose Doctor Who 201 New Earth
Doctor Who 102 The End of the World Doctor Who 202 Tooth and Claw
Doctor Who 103 The Unquiet Dead Doctor Who 203 School Reunion
Doctor Who 104 Aliens of London Doctor Who 204 Girl in the Fireplace
Doctor Who 105 World War Three Doctor Who 205 Rise of the Cybermen
Doctor Who 106 Dalek Doctor Who 206 The Age of Steel
Doctor Who 107 The Long Game Doctor Who 207 The Idiot's Lantern
Doctor Who 108 Father's Day Doctor Who 208 The Impossible Planet
Doctor Who 109 The Empty Child Doctor Who 209 The Satan Pit
Doctor Who 110 The Doctor Dances Doctor Who 210 Love And Monsters
Doctor Who 111 Boom Town Doctor Who 211 Fear Her
Doctor Who 112 Bad Wolf Doctor Who 212 Army of Ghosts
Doctor Who 113 The Parting of the Ways Doctor Who 213 Doomsday

Doctor Who Children in Need Doctor Who Christmas Invasion

Disclaimer: Doctor Who belongs to the BBC. I am not making any money with these files. No copyright infringment intended. I simply made mp3 files from the DVDs. Please do not sue me.

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