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*iz ded*

Dear whatever-great-power-you-are,

I really appreciate your kindness. You gave me two sisters I really, really love. But what I don't like is the sudden multiplictaion of said sisters >.>

Two are ok, four are torture. Especially if they are around 12 years old... last night was HELL!!! *shudder* I am not their make-up model or whatever. Playing dress-up is not fun if you are the one they want to dress up... Nope *shakes head*

Thank god for nessaja82's hot and kinky Sparky story *clings* it gave me some time to escape them but then... I fell in bed at 5am cause they had no school today. Not funny >_<

Next time you decide to surprise me, take another road.

Thank you,

P.S. new layout and new userinfo for mercscilla *bounce* featuring Ashe of Final Fantasy XII ^-^
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